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  1. O.C.TDI

    8th Annual PNW BoraParts/Fixum GTG August 17, 2013

    Looks like Liv and I will make it up with 2 of the diesels. It will be fun to see everyone again. O.C.
  2. O.C.TDI

    2.0l BEW, 6sp, GTB2260vk, FMIC Custom Build Thread

    Thanks Poopie. That $60k is not just for the build, it is pretty much any and everything I have bought or put on the car in the last 9 years. Plus. I never set out to build a drag car nor did I do things to help make it faster when I went to the track. It is a representation of what the car...
  3. O.C.TDI

    2.0l BEW, 6sp, GTB2260vk, FMIC Custom Build Thread

    No the head has been replaced. Just a stock used PD150 head with colt stage2 and R783's.
  4. O.C.TDI

    2.0l BEW, 6sp, GTB2260vk, FMIC Custom Build Thread

    Long time since my last update... I bought a 09' BMW 335d last September. It has caused me to not drive the Jetta for the last 9 months. I have been letting my brother drive it back and forth to work since then. He has fallen in love with it but can not afford to buy it from me. Today I...
  5. O.C.TDI

    Mean Green Biodiesel Machine build

    I have a set of BHW pistons that I had the valve reliefs deepened and oversized, already coated and ready to go if you are interested. Shoot me a PM O.C.
  6. O.C.TDI

    Piston symmetry

    If you of JFettig are interested. I am willing to sell my full set of OEM BHW pistons that I had cut for larder valves and deeper. They are already coated and ready to go. There are pics and spec toward the end of my build thread. O.C.
  7. O.C.TDI

    HELP chose next car to MOD!

    I don't see any VAG auto handling more than 180-200hp The 30mpg is my mixed commute, the same commute I have made with the Jetta for years. The original owner of the 335 lived in downtown Seattle. It spent a lot of time idling. The car is starting to clean itself out a bit more now that its...
  8. O.C.TDI

    HELP chose next car to MOD!

    I recently added a 2009 335d to my stable of diesel vehicles... Currently I am at 6, and hoping to have one of my Cummins sold this weekend. I will try to compare it against the 04' in my signature and my wife's 09' JSW. The fit, finish, and driving experience in the BMW is hand down better...
  9. O.C.TDI

    The "I hope This Thread Doesn't Last Long, RICH IS BUILDING MY ENGINE AGAIN' Thread

    Duh... You have to at least be able to drive your car to keep up.
  10. O.C.TDI

    2.0l BEW, 6sp, GTB2260vk, FMIC Custom Build Thread

    It is doing great. I have the 29# flywheel and the stage 3+ clutch. I have about 25k miles on it now, that includes a few trips to the track and lots of commuting. I do not have the newer silent clutch disc, mine is noisy. I will change to the silent disc when I pull the motor out. The stage 3+...
  11. O.C.TDI

    PD ARP Stud Part Numbers

    I have 15k miles on them without issue. Multiple track passes, dyno runs, mountain road fun, commuting etc. I am not getting the huge torque I was with the ported head, I still have a fair amount though. Have them turned down to the OD of a stock head bolt, use stock washers and enjoy.
  12. O.C.TDI

    2.0l BEW, 6sp, GTB2260vk, FMIC Custom Build Thread

    There isn't much that had changed in the last few months... I bumped into someone on my way home from work in November. A less than 5mph tap. Insurance paid about $5k for the repairs. My buddy at the body shop was nervous about trying to reproduce my core support but he did a great job, looks...
  13. O.C.TDI

    Wicked Awesome Hippie Eugene Birkenstock GTG February 19th official thread!

    If you bring my sunglasses.:eek: Try to remind me the weekend of.;)
  14. O.C.TDI

    Wicked Awesome Hippie Eugene Birkenstock GTG February 19th official thread!

    Sounds like Old Man Fixum and I will drop in for a while. Pending he gets up and makes it to my house, and that I don't leave him on the side of the road somewhere between here and there.:p
  15. O.C.TDI

    Where to stop?

    The BEW is one of a kind. Flat top pistons with a 23cc bowl. The valves are reccessed into the head. They sit about 1/32-1/16" below the surface of the head. My BHW bowl with valve reliefs cc'd at 25cc including the reliefs. The bowl dimensions measured the same.
  16. O.C.TDI

    Herzog Mier vs Dick Hannah VW For Service

    I have used Armstrong in the past with my car(pre Fixum days), for warranty work on my wife's 09' and our old Passat. I never had any problems dealing with them. I will continue to use them for any VW specific warranty issues. Everything else is taken care of by me or Fixum. Your best bet is...
  17. O.C.TDI

    Looking to beat Greg Hogue

    Best of luck. I hope you see out your goals. I find it a little comical that this is exactly what Greg set out to do. Piss people off to spur them into competing. Expanding the performance industry for the TDI. 13.45 is laughable for a stripped out Beetle with N20. Makes me feel good about...
  18. O.C.TDI

    Adding EMP Gauge, Any Reason For EGT Anymore?

    Not all Isspro gauges are convex glass. The Performax are flat. Non issue. I will talk with the developers at Isspro to see if we can get a color match for the indigo. The main engineer is a club member and is just up the road from me. Normal cruising EMP is 7psi over boost pressure. At...