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  1. SnowCub

    N1DAS - the end of weapons grade torque

    Did anyone else get a message from Linkedin to wish Dave a Happy Birthday? Shouldn't there be a way to memorialize his account or something?
  2. SnowCub

    Where are folks hanging out these days?

    Well for their car tech itch. I've found that a lot of the Mercedes forums have had slowed activity. The groups on Facebook have picked up in activity. But I know that not everyone is on Facebook. So where have folks gone to hang out?
  3. SnowCub

    N1DAS - the end of weapons grade torque

    I think I saw on Facebook that Mr. Chill had mentioned he had one of David's cars and I made a mental note to ask how that happened. Now I know. It is indeed very sad. David and I both graduated from VWs to other diesels. He to BMW and me to Mercedes. We had some great conversations...
  4. SnowCub

    Anyone need MK4 Springs

    **TAKEN** I found a box of OEM springs from my 2000 Golf. Can you use them? Know anyone that could?
  5. Rabbit Pickup

    Rabbit Pickup

  6. SnowCub

    1-1-2019 ho5g gtg

    Yep, sweet ride and Sheryl gets 35 mpg. I’m going to take the S since it’s the only car that is comfortable for me. I do want to check out the Model3 without a salesman yapping at me if possible.
  7. SnowCub

    1-1-2019 ho5g gtg

    Might actually be able to come today although I will be solo, the wifey is sick. Any preference for car, S350 or X3 28d?
  8. SnowCub

    Suggest a "new" ride
  9. SnowCub

    Mr2 tdi

    In the states we can import something that's 25 years or older, right? Oh dang, this article says, not unless it has the original engine for California and the states that follow its rules, so I'm out.
  10. SnowCub

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    RUG $2.99 Diesel $3.29 in Framingham, MA Some guy on Gasbuddy said Diesel was $2.99, 2 hours before I got there, some how I think he was lying.
  11. SnowCub

    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    Had my first "story" in a very long time. A Fedex driver asked if I knew that I was putting diesel in my car at the Cumberland Farms station in Framingham, MA. I was shocked. No one ever said anything to me when I would fill up my MB E320. My wife says she gets questioned almost every time...
  12. SnowCub

    Mercedes E250 Bluetec

    Point 1, 99% of dealers are filled with A$$holes. Dealers make most of their money through the service department and need to fix as much as they can to keep their income stream flowing. Point 2, what region of the country do you live in and what are the conditions when you get the not working...
  13. SnowCub

    Recommendations for a Bottle Jack?

    I need it to use on my 4 post lift. I have a center rolling jack but its not able to reach the correct contact points. I want a bottle jack to have extra flexibility.
  14. SnowCub

    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    Clarity Went to a Honda Clarity drive event at the local mall. I was actually impressed with the thing. At 6'4" I could fit, probably because they don't have sunroofs. It drove decently and is now on my list for when I get my next car. I've been looking into plug in Hybrids for quite...
  15. SnowCub

    Recommendations for a Bottle Jack?

    I find myself in need of a bottle jack. Does anyone have any recommendations? I know nothing about the things excepts they have a small footprint.
  16. SnowCub

    Know Anyone Who might like a BMW 740Ld?

    Well this listing is now gone. I wonder what its fate was in the end. Did someone buy it or was it sent back to auction?
  17. SnowCub

    Know Anyone Who might like a BMW 740Ld?

    Dropped another $500 today to $41,995. I should go test drive it. I suppose I could fit another car in the garage with a lift...
  18. SnowCub

    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    My wife says people *still* run out to tell her she's making a mistake when she goes to put diesel in her 2016 BMW X3 xDrive28d
  19. SnowCub

    Know Anyone Who might like a BMW 740Ld?

    Come on IBW, you know you want it... with the comfort seats :) Actually when I was shopping the S350, I really wanted one with the rear power seats and rear climate... until I sat my kids (aged 5 and 1) in the back and asked them what they thought. 5 minutes later everything was moving in...
  20. SnowCub

    Know Anyone Who might like a BMW 740Ld?

    I was debating if I should post this in the forsale section, but I'm not selling anything. What I *have* been doing is following a Certified Pre-Owned 2015 BMW 740Ld on and the price has been dropping a lot. Its physically located at BMW of Peabody, MA...