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  1. ATR

    Common issues for the Q5 TDI?

    HA, yeah, that isn't happening LOL! I had a budget of under $30k but I'd stretch it a bit if the car was worth it. Solid point there. I also noticed a similar trend when I was searching on car websites. What it really comes down to is the question of what are some common issues with these V6...
  2. ATR

    Common issues for the Q5 TDI?

    I think I may be coming back to owning a TDI here very shortly and I think I've narrowed it down to being most likely the Q5 TDI. But I'd also consider the A6, A7, or even A8 TDI. BIGGEST issues I've had is finding a clean well taken care of example of any of the above cars. So I'm wondering...
  3. ATR

    manual transmission fluid dilemma

    I came here to recommend exactly this fluid :D I had Gear 300 75w90 and found it to be far too notchy when cold and even when warm it was a bit stiff. MT-LV smoothed things out like butta! :D
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    Speed limits across the US are on the rise! Up-to-date state-to-state info & news...

    I actually drove on a few of the roads listed when I visited Toronto last year. People were definitely going a bit faster than the posted speed limit. I recall doing 110-120kph to keep up with traffic.
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    DSG S-Mode

    Same for the DSG transmission. The only thing it's doing is keeping the engine spinning a little faster.
  6. ATR

    DSG S-Mode

    A DSG tune won't put any additional stress on the engine. Again please watch the YouTube video I posted above to show a very happy customer with a KermaTDI DSG tune. It reprogrammed the shift points to, in short, keep the engine in it's high-efficiency rev range :cool:
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    2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI 6 Speed: Stage 3

    This is a whole new level of tempting :D
  8. ATR

    DSG S-Mode

    KermaTDI has a fantastic DSG tune that eliminates the lugging in D mode.
  9. ATR

    Show what you tow!

    All the more reason to have a dash cam!
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    How do I straighten the steering wheel?

    If the steering wheel is indeed installed incorrectly then when you go lock to lock it will seem to turn more in one direction vs the other. This is very rarely the case. And I was going by what you wrote in your last post... I actually had done a steering wheel swap on my mk6 and fudged the...
  11. ATR

    How do I straighten the steering wheel?

    That is NOT the correct way of fixing a alignment issue!! The proper way is to get the dealership or a alignment shop to get everything in spec with the steering wheel at dead center. If it's a tiny bit off and the shop aligns the car like that then that will be "center". If they can't fix it...
  12. ATR

    2015 Q5 TDI - Bi-Turbo Compatible Parts

    Check and :cool:
  13. ATR

    Sold- 2016 A6 Prestige - Ownership Log

    Loving this build so far! Look forward to seeing how this progresses :)
  14. ATR

    vcds mods

    It's there, ShopDAP shows how to use it in detail on a couple of videos on youtube. Here's a playlist for all the videos:
  15. ATR

    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    Sold for $34k :eek:
  16. ATR

    radio on with ignition off

    A '17 GTI and a '17 Golf R. I do often miss the MPGs. My next car will probably be another diesel :cool: Now that I have a short commute I figured I'd go a bit more zoom zoom :D
  17. ATR

    2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI 6 Speed: Stage 3

    Don't tempt me anymore :D
  18. ATR

    2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI 6 Speed: Stage 3

    Saw this car in person at Euex. Loved it. I'd be interested in it if I didn't already have a golf R. Heck I'm honestly half tempted to jump ship from my R to get this.
  19. ATR

    radio on with ignition off

    There might be a way to enable this via VCDS or OBDEleven. I've had 2 MK7s and they both kept the radio on after I turned the engine off. Both of my cars have been kessy (keyless entry and start). Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  20. ATR

    2014 Sportwagen Subframe Aluminum?

    As far as I know all mk6 TDI golfs and Jetta Sportwagons (Also Golfs with a jetta name) had a Aluminum front sub-frame.