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  1. Geobmx4life

    ALH with too much vacuum resulting in over boost (P0234)

    How’s the length on the actuator rod? Should be between 3and 18.
  2. Geobmx4life

    "Cold-air intakes" and "high-flow air filter" FAQ

    I was witness to an efficiency test and a MKIV air intake was 5% inefficient…never ran a cold air intake on any of my TDI’s and don’t regret it
  3. Geobmx4life

    rocketeer928 - My 2003 VW Jetta TDI

    Love this thread!!! I’m wondering how the soundproofing did on your skid plate, I’m considering doing the same
  4. Geobmx4life

    BEW info

    No book that I know of, just use the search function
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    2005 mk4 Jetta barely starts

    Solved mine, short hose just before tandem pump had a tiny leak and air was getting in causing the fuel to drain back to tank
  6. Geobmx4life

    front gas shock.

    The upper mount bushing(s) are usually the first thing to make noise in mine and is a thump
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    Questions about verifying the correct setting of stop screw on a VNT-17

    I’m wondering if a dawes device may apply to your situation
  8. Geobmx4life

    Calipers mkiv
  9. Geobmx4life

    Weathertech DigitalFit Jetta/Golf

    One of the reasons I love this site….I have WeatherTech in our MK7 GSW and wanted some for my MK4….ordered now!
  10. Geobmx4life

    Front mount intercooler

    I had good luck with the intercooler, the t-clamps aren’t the best and I’ve replaced most of them…my intake temps are 5c above ambient
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    04 jetta BEW ecu

    I do, not imobe deleted tho
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    Next step for more HP for my 05 BEW Golf

    Pretty tall and expensive order for our BEW engines…anything over 200hp is a ton of money for very little gains and things will definitely break…stock internals need to be upgraded…not sure about the BHW swap by I’m sure someone will chime in
  13. Geobmx4life

    Front mount intercooler

    This is the template I used to do my FMIC, it’ll work on a Jetta as well.
  14. Geobmx4life

    2004 Golf PD engine ticking with rpm speed?
  15. Geobmx4life

    New here

    Does it sputter under load? When was the last time the fuel filter was changed? Hook up a vacuum pump with gauge, mitivac is what I use, actuator should start moving 3-4hng and stop at 18…another common problem is the wiring on the smart actuator does go bad.
  16. Geobmx4life

    2004 Golf PD engine ticking with rpm speed?

    Mine has visible wear on lobe one, unless you’ve seen a worn BEW cam lobe before, it might not look bad…and with 335k kms, if that’s the original cam it’ll need replacing soon….where abouts are you located?
  17. Geobmx4life

    2004 Golf PD engine ticking with rpm speed?

    Also if it is the cam, you’ll hear it through the intake using a stethoscope
  18. Geobmx4life

    2004 Golf PD engine ticking with rpm speed?

    Yup, I think I have the ticking you’re talking about, mine is cam lobe one wear and is causing starting issues sometimes….cam change coming up in a few weeks, it’s inevitable on these PD engines and with 335k KMS, you’re right in that area, I’m getting my timing belt and cam done at the same time.
  19. Geobmx4life

    No boost from new garret turbo.

    If you've checked everything Frank has suggested the only other thing I can think of is the N75 valve…I’ve seen them get debris in the diaphragm and halt the vacuum
  20. Geobmx4life

    VNT 17 carbon buildup after 10k?

    Is the actuator set up properly? It should start to move at 3 and stop around 18 hng