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    Kerma Tuned the Touareg Today

    So last fill-up with Fuelly was 27.3mpg and I would say im close to 50/50 driving.
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    Kerma Tuned the Touareg Today

    Update. I have now had back to back 680/700 miles total on a full tank which I feel is very solid. The car runs extremely well with zero hiccups. I am waiting on a back ordered DPF and another cat from VW currently so maybe thatll make a difference even more? I doubt it but never know.
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    Kerma Tuned the Touareg Today

    Ive also had your combination, definitely do the DSG tune with a flash. @lemoncurd is correct that it would be a waste of only doing half the equation. Even the GTI/R guys who only flash cannot use the full potential of their tune without the DSG portion.
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    3.0 TDI tuning question

    Tuned 14 Touareg over here and I absolutely love it. I also drive for economy mainly but the biggest change was the way the pedal feels when just leaving from a stop. The car doesn’t bog down and it completely eliminated the dead pedal to rocket mode. The ability to get around most anyone...
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    Kerma Tuned the Touareg Today

    Absolutely worth it! The slow throttle from the line is completely gone( was a safety hazard more than once), coming up to a stop light/sign it’s less jerky, and the thing just moves now. Across the powerband has completely changed but it’s the most noticeable around town(sub 50mph). I can’t...
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    What did you do to your Audi TDI today?

    Waiting on a new DPF and post-cat from VW currently. They ended up changing all sensors associated with the emissions but the prior parts are on back order. Can runs well but had a code pop up and got it all covered under the DG warranty. Fixed the passenger side AC drip, added a quart of oil...
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    A6 CPNB Stuttering

    Good call on replacing the fuel filter. I personally fill my canister up with a diesel purge, turn the car on and let it run for 30 seconds and then just let it sit for about 30+ minutes and then take it out. No issues doing it this way.
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    FS 2014 Jetta SportWagen Stage III - Brownsburg IN

    Oh this is a sweet setup, wow! Denver has harsh emissions so I will have to pass but take the free bump. It shouldn't last long.
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    Q7 TDI "holds" shift point @ 2,200 upon cold start ups only?

    Same with our 14 Touareg here in Denver 👍
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    Intake Track Cleaning - Touareg 3.0

    I watched this video a couple weeks ago and decided to do this yesterday. We have a 14 Touareg Executive with 83,900 miles on it. I wasn’t having any issues yet but I’m glad I opened it up and cleaned it all out. The Touareg is much more responsive from the line and when just needing...
  11. Touareg Intake

    Touareg Intake

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