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    TDI swap schematics

    Done. Knew I forgot something.
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    TDI swap schematics

    Not knowing who might be on Facebook or not, here are the schematics for swaps for the ALH, BHW and BEW. I do my best to make sure that it's correct (the ALH is as I have two swaps), so do your due diligence and trust but verify. If I recall correctly the only difference between the Early and...
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    I've used a few turbos and injectors from them without issue. I've heard negative, but have yet to experience it.
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    Second swap done. 1994 Jeep XJ PD150/ALH hybrid, GTD1756, 280 injectors, HGM Compushift for AW4

    That is on the list of things to do. I just put on the bumper yesterday, and need to get new tires on it and will be going smaller. I'd guess probably stock numbers since I removed the 4.0 but added a 3-link and don't plan to go crazy with tires. I can fully control the transmission however I...
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    Well this blew up. I've had no issues with Sebastian and his products personally. That is 3 turbos and a set of injectors. But YMMV.
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    Second swap done. 1994 Jeep XJ PD150/ALH hybrid, GTD1756, 280 injectors, HGM Compushift for AW4

    Sorry for the delayed response. Currently I'm running a 31" tire with 3.54 gearing. I want to change the gearing to 4.10 or 4.56. Cruising around town I run in 3rd gear, but my standalone TCU allows me to set the TCC where I want, or do it manual. I have it locked in 3rd gear and above at speeds...
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    Second swap done. 1994 Jeep XJ PD150/ALH hybrid, GTD1756, 280 injectors, HGM Compushift for AW4

    Didn't think I would do another one after the CJ7, but they're so much fun to do. This time I did an automatic in the XJ. The Compushift is such an amazing little device. I currently have the AW4 valve body on it with the TV cable, but I have a 2008 Toyota Tacoma 2.7 A340 with the extra solenoid...
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    Project: PolarXJ (M-TDI XJ)

    Nice build. Really good to see another XJ. I helped a buddy install an ALH in his MJ. He went with the poly mounts and then switched to the anchor hydraulic ones. He's running an AW4 with a GTD1756, 260 injectors, and 35" tires. It works well. I have the 1984 CJ7 that started life as an eTDI...
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    Stevenson tune

    On my previous Jetta I went with him first. I paid for three tunes I believe, and still have them. This was before he started using loaders and would send them to you, and you'd flash with a cloned cable. The tunes made power, but were very smokey and the EGTs were decently high. I tried Malone...
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    All brand new DIY ALH harness

    So I figured I'd see if I could make an all brand-new harness for a TDI swap from parts sourced from Ali-Express. Long story short, it works. It can be made pretty cheaply, and it's simple if you have the schematics and a good set of crimpers...
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    ALH turbo upgrade question

    I know this may not help as my setup is in a CJ7, but I have a GTD1756VRK, .260 injectors, and a Tekmektronics tune and I'm @ 30 PSI NLT 2050 RPMs if I hit it w/ 100% throttle once off the clutch. I've owned a Jetta in the past with a GT1752 (VNT17) with .230 injectors and there's no comparison...
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    97 Suzuki Sidekick 1.9 alh mtdi help

    While not a Sidekick, I do have an ALH CJ7. Mine currently is an 11mm, .260 injectors, and GTD1756VK turbo. I can hit full tuned boost by 1900-1950 RPMs (30 PSI out of 34 PSI). I have about 4.5" of combined lift (spring 2.5, body 1.5 and shackle 3/4) w/ 3.31 gears, although I'm just finishing up...
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    ALH in a 1984 CJ7

    No, it's just a weekend driver. It spends most of the time in the garage.
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    ALH in a 1984 CJ7

    AX15 with external slave, Dana 300 transfercase, and factory axles (D30 and AMC20).
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    ALH in a 1984 CJ7

    Don't remember posting it here, but this is my 1984 CJ7 that I did an ALH swap into. Upgraded rods, .260 injectors, GTD1756VK, and Whitbread adapter. Fully built the engine myself (minus the head rebuild) and did the wiring harness. I'm building a hybrid PD150 (ARL) and ALH with a Landrover 300...
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    ALH TDI pinout.

    Here is the wiring and pinnout of the ALH motors and a video I made of how to pull the wires from the harness. Have fun with it.
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    We're not on missions, but rather having a discussion on what we think and feel. I agree with some of your thoughts, and I believe you agree with some of mine. My mind is very analytical. I dissect each part of a conversation to try and see where others are coming from, and to have a...
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    Cluster lights??

    I know this is an old thread, but mine are doing the same thing. Every one of them work, except the speedo and tach needle. Kinda weird.
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    Show your proof that the highest prices always leads to highest quality. Show your destructive testing or non-destructive testing. Show where you've used your hardness tester and prove, time and time again (or at least with a 51% certanty) that the products that are in the higher priced parts...