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  1. N_J

    Free:TDI Fuel Sending unit: pickup in Vancouver. BC

    FREE:TDI Fuel Sending unit: pickup in Vancouver. BC Volkswagen TDI Golf Jetta Beetle Fuel Sending Unit 1j0 919 183h New in box, shipped two by mistake. Pick up only, free to club member.
  2. N_J

    Dome Light Flicker on Door Lock

    Hi, Looking for suggestions on starting where to troubleshoot. I've used the search with no joy. 2002 Golf TDI 4dr. Sometimes when I lock the doors, the dome light flickers. It's fast and I can hear what sounds like relay clicking in the dome area (dome switch set to door trigger) Unlock/lock...
  3. N_J

    Trusted TDI Mechanics/Shops in the Vancouver (GVRD) Area

    Hi Tony, I'm trying to get a hold of you too. Thanks.
  4. N_J

    IP Reseal in Vancouver

    Hi, Long time since I've posted. My IP is leaking. (VE 10mm) Any local trusted shops only want to swap a rebuilt IP. NW Fuel Injection Service in Surrey will reseal but at a cost to do a rebuild. I'd like to reseal myself (I've watched the videos), but don't have all the tools/space and...
  5. N_J

    WTB: 11mm ALH IP

    Hi, What are the details/history of this one?
  6. N_J

    WTB: 11mm ALH IP

    I don't have the time & space to wrench at the moment. If I can find a 11mm that suits, then it's a good chance for an upgrade. I'm due for a TB soon, and so I'll do the swap when I do the TB & WB.
  7. N_J

    WTB: 11mm ALH IP

    Hi, Looking to buy a 11mm ALH IP for my 2002 5 speed TDI Golf. I have a 10mm now that leaks and needs to get replaced. Thanks!
  8. N_J

    Provent 200 with dual CCV inputs

    Bump for the tube twist trick. Been struggling with this for a while.
  9. N_J

    Euro Motorsports

    Hi Ontario friends, I'm in Toronto for two weeks over the holiday and was browsing Kijiji Ontario for a 2003 TDI Manual leather wagon. Been looking in B.C. for a while now without much luck. It seems the dealer has lots. Any experience with these people...
  10. N_J

    Suggestions for selling price 2003 Jetta Wagon?

    Are you serious about selling it? You aren't far too from me.
  11. N_J

    Trusted TDI Mechanics/Shops in the Vancouver (GVRD) Area

    Thanks for doing this Ed. I wonder if we could make this a sticky in the forum? I'm still going to Tony, but two more I'd suggest to cover the GVRD: -Gary at Address: 2723 Murray Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 1X1 Phone: (604) 936-3999 -Yogi at W Motors...
  12. N_J

    FS: 2001.5 Passat Wagon TDI 5 Speed, Kitchener, Ontario

    -Where did the TDI engine come from (year)? Chainless? -Who did the swap?
  13. N_J

    Shipping cars across the country

    Welcome to the west coast. I did the move from Ontario to BC 8 years ago. I've moved one TDI out here via searail. No issues. I tried to move a van out here last year, but found it more difficult and expensive than before. Turned out to be cheaper to pay for the fuel for the drive out. There...
  14. N_J

    Intake Cleaning in Vancouver Area

    Usual suspects listed here in a recent thread. I personally use VW Petrolero (Tony) and German Motor Car. In the last thread I didn't mention Yogi @ W Motors on Brunette in New Westminster MeanGreen (Harold) and I got dirty cleaning my...
  15. N_J

    Trusted mechanic in Vancouver, Canada area

    JSP knows TDI's, I wouldn't worry about their knowledge... They have looked after Ed's babies... Tony is back from Chile for the summer (VW Petrolero handle on TDIclub) He's trusted mechanic in lower mainland, He works out by the Ikea in Richmond. He's my guy... Send him a PM if you like Also...
  16. N_J

    Jetta Wagon on Craigslist

    Thanks Ed. Too bad I didn't know you were selling your wagon.... I'd always had my eye on an ALH jetta wagon.. If the vehicle was properly repaired, is there much issue with rebuilt status?
  17. N_J

    Jetta Wagon on Craigslist

    Has anyone checked this out? I've seen it on craigslist for a long time and wondering why this unicorn hasn't been gobbled up?
  18. N_J

    Need a Good source of B5 in Vancouver area... preferably near Burnaby/ Newest

    Good luck. Gordo messed up this one a BD is hard to find now. Call the head office for UP
  19. N_J

    What's the most reliable diesel brand/station in Greater Vancouver area?

    When I got my TDI in '02 and I was in Ontario, I looked for the best fuel(ie cleanest and highest cetane on the spec sheets). It was: -Sunoco Gold -Shell V -Petro Can -Esso I used Sunoco Gold exclusively when I was there. My engine was in good shape and cleanliness for having used it (EGR...
  20. N_J

    What's the most reliable diesel brand/station in Greater Vancouver area?

    What icecap said, and I use Autogas, Husky or Shell. I think Autogas uses Husky fuel, and they were the ones with biodiesel blends, which addresses lubrication. Go where it is busy: Bryne Road Autogas Nordel Autogas Shell at 2nd/main Anyone find biodiesel anymore?