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  1. jollyGreenGiant

    FS Brand New in boxes R32 Winter OZ Aristos - 17x5.5 ET36

    Rare, rare, rare. I can get some official pictures but Google them, these are brand new in the box, never mounted or anything, some of them haven't even been looked at yet. The picture here is of this style wheel for your visual pleasure but not the actual ones, no tires ever mounted and tires...
  2. jollyGreenGiant

    finally figuered out how to post a VCDS log.

    You have a mechanical fault with the turbo's control system. The ECM is telling the N75 to do stuff but it doesn't appear that the actuator is doing anything in return.
  3. jollyGreenGiant

    mk4 Interior Parts: GTI High Bolster, Black Leather, Door Inserts, Wood Grain, +MORE

    Great seller, fast shipping, good packing, price was spot on...
  4. jollyGreenGiant

    VAG-COM Plotting Software

    Old host was no longer, hosting it off Dropbox now, first post updated. I have no intentions of making any changes to this program at this time, it was written a long time ago in a place far away...
  5. jollyGreenGiant

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    At this moment, many, many non VW peeps have forgotten this story and only will remember briefly when a news item draws their attention and verbally attacks with bombs like spewing, belching, cheating over and over and the like. Large masses of people will feel their full ancestral rage and...
  6. jollyGreenGiant

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Two sides to this story I'm sure... EPA has had the biggest hard-on for keeping light duty diesels fleet percentages low. Nearly unattainable federal NOX limits on certification ( much more stringent than the EU ones for NOX ) being the biggest hurdle, which is why TDI's prior to 2006 were so...
  7. jollyGreenGiant

    Feeler: 2002 2-Door Golf GL, 5-speed, T-Red, 113k, NE FL

    Put up a picture that does the Tornado Red a little justice, would ya? And would a picture of those seats in situ be too much to ask? Nice car though, good luck.
  8. jollyGreenGiant

    Clutch quit on me

    Sounds like trouble to me, don't let frugality make you repeat the job a second time.
  9. jollyGreenGiant

    Front Wheel bearing change.

    That's what happens every time, I use a "specially designed" air hammer bit that sneaks through the reluctor wheel arch, after a few properly placed hits, I can then sneak my two jaw puller in there. Other folks prescribe by a dremel and air hammer method also. Or, buy a new hub. My SIR B90...
  10. jollyGreenGiant

    Clutch quit on me

    If the spring-coil-debris that is jammed between the disk and flywheel exists at around 12:00 when the engine is stopped and you press the clutch in it may fall back into the "center pocket", will it fling back up and re-jam? Yes, it will.
  11. jollyGreenGiant

    Clutch quit on me

    That coil that breaks off get's flung with the centrifugal force and gets jammed between the disk and flywheel and when you push in the hydraulics it's not enough movement to release the jammed spring, thus your only option is to take the thing apart and replace the clutch.
  12. jollyGreenGiant

    Clutch quit on me

    Clutch disk spring failed and sent debris between the contact surfaces. My guess is the hydraulics are fine.
  13. jollyGreenGiant

    Tons of Used Parts - Part Outs !

    Never heard back, no longer interested.
  14. jollyGreenGiant

    New armrest lid hinges...yes, I said HINGES!

    I'll grab one of these when you are ready.
  15. jollyGreenGiant

    Tons of Used Parts - Part Outs !

    Interested in the 5spd swap for a customer, can you send me an email j v h e s s @ c o m c a s t dot n e t Thanks.
  16. jollyGreenGiant

    What did you do to your car today?

    It is fairly intuitive, the inner comes apart easier than the outer. It's messy, really messy though... I've done a bunch lately and I think it's fair to say that if you mark the index between the parts, take them apart, clean them and re-assemble in the same index with new grease and boots...
  17. jollyGreenGiant

    Whats an acceptable amount of blow-by

    If you have a vacuum leak, your vacuum pump will be pumping into the crankcase at a high volume and show lots of output through the cap, plug up the vacuum pump outlet and see what happens to blow by, a lot of cars move oil into the intake cause of this too...
  18. jollyGreenGiant

    Do you have any B4V bits laying around in New England?

    I may have a new rear caliper in my garage, don't know which side it was, I'll check. No muffler though...