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  1. Brett's Transmission

    Brett's Transmission

  2. DeafBug

    Deafbug's Beetles GTG

    Hi - I want to thank Nick (greengeeker) and his team helping Brad's beetles. Hope it sells.
  3. DeafBug

    DeafBug's Beetles For Sale

    Memorial Service for DEAFBUG Memorial Service for Bradley Joel Knaack (Deafbug) July 2, Tuesday 6-8pm Eagle Brook Church 3603 95th Ave NE Blaine, MN 55014 Hope to see you there! Thank you! Deanna Knaack
  4. DeafBug

    DeafBug's Beetles For Sale

    Nick, if you are willing to help to do that - that would be awesome. I am overwhelmed with Brad's things, cars, tools, clothes - going through has been rough for me. Please contact me via email Again, thank you everyone for your thoughts. Tomorrow I will know more...
  5. DeafBug

    DeafBug's Beetles For Sale

    I am very sad about Brad's death. There were hard times, I wished Brad didn't go so soon. I really miss him. I am selling deafbug's two beetles (I believe both are 2002) Silver beetle is totaled (body is good, underneath is bad) - the engine is great (has updated parts) White beetle is in...
  6. DeafBug

    MN Chat Thread

    A lot! :cool: I did a search to find this post While searching, I see that many other young users says such thing about me and many older users say that I am still "alive" Quick status: I have until May 15th to finish the basement. But I need funds to help complete the project. Waiting on the...
  7. DeafBug

    Injection Pump in Minnesota

    Wow! Exactly what I saw (except for the camshaft sprocket) when Jake (MNmiser?) from North Branch came to me with his TDI towed to my garage. Then he had it towed to his house where I did the work. End up putting a new head and TB kit. Needed a new head due to countless times that people...
  8. DeafBug

    MN Chat Thread

    Drywall Movers Needed We are finishing the basement and I hope that the weather is good that day. On Saturday, Dec 15th I need strong men to help me move all the sheetrock from the driveway/garage to the basement. I have two sheerock carry tool. I haven't order the sheetrock so I don't know...
  9. DeafBug

    MN Chat Thread

    I am technically available a lot of the times. If you want to do the labor yourself, I can be the tool guy. The job will be done in 3 hours. I have done it before and it goes fast. Since I know what tools you need for the next step and I can it ready to hand it to you. (like a dentist assistant)
  10. DeafBug

    MN Chat Thread

    The problem is that they are ASE certified. :D
  11. DeafBug

    Diesel Purge - bypass the fuel filter or not?

    I completely understand what you are saying. My question is "Shouldn't the fuel in the fuel lines between the pump and filter been already filtered. So that means all the fuel in the pump and the lines from the pump and the injectors and back to the filter is already filtered." So what crap...
  12. DeafBug

    MN Chat Thread

    For? work on car? Come on down. I have done a number of people from Duluth. socializing? Sorry can't help you here with VCDS
  13. DeafBug

    MN Chat Thread

    I have a car here from Tamp, FL that died in WI on 94. They had it towed here. They are in town for a wedding. I looked at it and the fuel pump appears to be bad based on my observations and what he told me a little history of it. VagCom shows the Start Deviation code. I can't get it...
  14. DeafBug

    Front crank seal pressedina bit too far?

    I had the same problem in the past. it is really a 60/40 chance that it won't leak. Just deal with it. Keep an eye on it. It may leak due to a nick in the seal lip. Remember those old days with the camshaft seals that the lip bends in. Same can happen but in general, it is fine. It may...
  15. DeafBug

    MN Chat Thread

    Bobcat Does anyone have a Bobcat or know someone who has one? I just need to haul dirt from the property across the street to my backyard. Seems silly to rent one for a 20 minute job. If you do, email me as I may not check this thread often. I am located in Blaine.
  16. DeafBug

    Issue with my beetle starting but stalling

    And be prepared to replace the batter before winter since you will have a hell of a hard time starting if the battery is drained once. It happened to me and the battery was like a year and half old. It got drained once in the summer and I charged it up. Everything was back to normal. Come...
  17. DeafBug

    01m oil level check

    It is the last step. Follow the instructions for drain and fill the tranny fluid. When you get to the end where it said, to warm up a cold engine to 35-45 degrees. Start there and that is where the Check and Correct the fluid level instructions start. Or just come to my place and I would do...
  18. DeafBug

    where to buy new timing belt/water pump?

    not only that (water pump) but the rollers seems to be better quality. I have seen them both, Jim's vs. others. I like Jim's. The way I tell those who ask me for a timing belt kit before I do the labor is to get Dieselgeeks first. If you don't like the price then get metalmanparts. Otherwise...
  19. DeafBug

    Near Appleton, WI - VAG-COM help

    It is most likely IQ adjustment needed. So you would need to drive a ways as the car needs to be hot when doing the adjustments.
  20. DeafBug

    MN Chat Thread

    I would like to see the pictures. I am concern about how good did the shaft spin along with the pulley when it is without the key. I know you said that Macgyver it but ..... the word I am thinking is... oil.