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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    Sooo....what sort of high mileage numbers are you 238d owners seeing and what sorts of issues are you seeing? Love my GSW but have been itching for a 328D wagon for years......
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    VW must contact you within 10 or earlier if claim is denied.

    mail or fax?!?!? What are you talking about here? The only thing thats happened to date is VW looking for folks to submit info online
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    Upcoming Release of 2015 TDI's from Stop Order

    I agree.....I suspect that a lot of buyers are going to go full retard because they fear this is the last of the TDI's forever Well....if its the last of the TDI's then parts are going to get scarce really fast...and I dont want to be left holding that bag.....its like owning a Saab right now
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    Upcoming Release of 2015 TDI's from Stop Order

    My local dealers have gone full retard and one has stated they are planning to sell 2015's for full msrp I laughed really hard over the phone and he got defensive Personally I think I'm going to turn in my 2015, take the cash and get something fun for a couple years and see what happens in...
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    Poll: Do You Wish You Had Bought a 2015?

    I bought a 2015 with 4k miles on it after dieselgate started. I'm eligable for the settlement but only get half of the fun money portion of the buyback/fix I've got a dealer I have confidence in so..... When you combine the simplicity of the fix with the extended warranty to 150k on emissions...
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    Dieselgate: Volkswagen to Spend Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle ...

    I wouldnt bet on the diesel engine going anywhere for decades The primary reason for this is surprisingly emmissions imho Diesels are cleaner in every way except for NOX and NOX is fairly easily mitigated....lets not even get into the manipulation of standards by the epa and others over what...
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    EA288 - A diesel way forward?

    IIRC it was pretty minor and it was predicated on feasibility/validation of durability of the fix.....if plan A works then G2G....if its proven not to be durable then they need to do more.......or something along those lines.....any way you slice it a 150k warranty sounds good to me My only...
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    HPFP blew on 2014 Sportwagen TDI with 30k miles, VW won't help

    Yea, they cannot be exported as is....either they fix them or they drill holes in the block and cut the frame/body of the car to render it inoperable What a flipping waste
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    Filtering out Dieselgate noise

    Mods, would it be possible to add an option to new posts function to allow folks to see new posts while filtering out the dieselgate noise? While there are a couple with real info the overwhelming majority are just noise and detract from the greatness of the site
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    The settlement as proposed is complete BS

    There's no confusion The overwhelming majority of threads on this forum are now exclusively dedicated to people complaining about what VW is not doing to compensate them sufficiently for their hurt feelings on top of any issues with the car. Wish there were a good way to separate out the...
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    The settlement as proposed is complete BS

    Stop trying to insert logic into the'll only upset folks more
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    The settlement as proposed is complete BS

    After periodically checking in on the dumpster fire thread that went on for months and the persistent whining of a large number of folks primarily new to VW and diesels in general.....Its become apparent that no matter what VW offerered for buyback/fix that the overwhelming majority of folks...
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    BRM PD Starts but wont run, no check engine or any other guages

    It helps immensely Thank you very much!
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    The settlement as proposed is complete BS

    The butt hurt is strong in this crowd Does VW need to include a "Safe Space" or "Hurt Feelings" clause in the settlement? The settlement as outlined is pretty darn fair.....the expectations of some is not so realistic unfortunately
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    BRM PD Starts but wont run, no check engine or any other guages

    Bingo! I get DRL and nothing else If you have any other suggestions I'm all this something I should be able to validate with a simple connectivity tester like I should expect power at each side of the relay?
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    BRM PD Starts but wont run, no check engine or any other guages

    Did you get the same lack of guages/CEL etc at startup?
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    What's gonna go down on Tuesday?

    The vultures are out I see.......the FSA strikes again
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    EA288 - A diesel way forward?

    The sport wagons are one of the most popular/successful models that VW has come up with I wouldnt expect that to go away.....nor do I see diesel vw's going away either....VW diesels will simply return to the smaller niche that it was circa 2006 Still a profitable car for VW going...
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    BRM PD Starts but wont run, no check engine or any other guages

    Having trouble with my 2006 PD BRM Car sat for a month, ran great previously Turn key, no glow plug light, no guages, no check engine light etc Car turns over and begins to start but wont continue to run Appears to clearly be electrical but so far I cant find a bad fuse Any...
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    Noyes VW, Keene, NH

    Resurrecting an old thread..... With Rich Tremblay no longer in new boston/weare I have to give a thumbs up to Noyes They did what they said they would do for a fair price. Their advertised prices on timing belts isnt bad either I know a couple other people with TDI's that have used them and...