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  1. Wankel7

    Found a 2000 TDI 5 Speed with 43k miles on it for drum roll..13k UGH!

    Interesting - a VW Dealer? If they say it is "as is" they have no obligation to inform the buyer they are buying a car that shouldn't even be started?
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    Look At This TDI It's Made Of Gold.

    For the miles the price isn't bad - if they don't want to service it who cares. What bothers me is that a dealer is selling a car that needs it's timing belt done and not bothering to mention the ticking time bomb. If I was to buy it I would be afraid to even start the thing considering the...
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    Depinning 01M TCM connector?

    Thank you for the offer to help :) VCDS seemed to indicate the G68 sensor stopped reporting speed. Replaced the sensor and shifted normally for about 50 miles and then it stopped shifting properly. Then I bypassed the stock connector for the G68 with heat shrink adhesive lined butt connectors...
  4. Wankel7

    Depinning 01M TCM connector?

    Already replaced the G68 and it shifted normal for around 50 miles. Then back to limp mode. Figure it is wiring. I can trying bypassing that connection first and from there. Thanks for the idea. Getting tired of buzzing around in 2nd gear.
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    Depinning 01M TCM connector?

    Is that a vw specific tool?
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    Depinning 01M TCM connector?

    I need to run wires directly from my G68 sensor to the TCM. I was reading that the blank positions in the big 60 pin or so connector actually have unused pins. Do I need a special tool to remove those pins? Side question - is it hard to get the wipers off to get to the TCM? Thanks!
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    2002 VW Jetta TDI 01M No Shift G38 G68 Codes

    Thanks for the fantastic troubleshooting. Fighting the same issue. I replaced the G68 and the car shifted great for about 25 miles. Then it came back. Hooking up the VCDS and reading the measuring blocks shows the speed fine....then it goes to zero. It seems intermittent. So, maybe wiring?
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    Looking For People in The Louisville, KY area

    Thoughts on a manual swap on a Mk4 2.0L gasser? Any shop recommendations in Louisville? This shop ok?
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    2004 Golf TDI for sale

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    CLEAN 2001 Jetta Sedan 5spd-$10K

    All maintenance performed.... except the timing belt. But the diesel exhaust has been flushed?
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    WTB - Manual ALH Car

    Either a Golf or a Jetta, manual, up to date timing belt... Thanks !
  13. Wankel7

    FS: clean and green in 2014 TDI's for sale @ DieselTrux

    Are you selling as is with the fender / bumper damage? What is the timing belt history?
  14. Wankel7

    Oil on the condenser and replacement ?

    Huh, maybe it is an old leak. I tried the AC....honestly didn't think it would work....blows 37f air with 72f outside.
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    Oil on the condenser and replacement ?

    I noticed oil accumulation on the bottom of the condenser....driver's side lower left where the AC hose comes in. I pulled off the bumper and noticed oil where the hard pipe goes into the condenser. I am guessing I should replace the condenser, drier, and any o ring I come across? I am going to...
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    A/C service port durability

    Thank you for posting this!
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    Best starter for an "04" BEW?

    I've installed a massive H8 agm and larger starter/alternator wiring and the cranking is still slower than it should be. I've already removed and cleaned up the starter. I'm going to try the Valeo.