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  1. FredIA

    2010 Jetta TDI Door Locking Issues

    So for about the last two years or so I was having the intermittent but usually broken door closed/opened switch. I got an aftermarket replacement actuator but was very busy. I also had the passenger side window switch (on the drivers panel) mostly not working.. I got that class action...
  2. FredIA

    TDI's in Illinois

    When visiting my Mom in Elk Grove (Chicago) last weekend I saw a LOT, and I mean a LOT of TDI's there now. I think it has something to do with Diesel being cheaper than gas in the 'burbs though! (And only $0.10/gal more than here in Iowa). Gasoline is over $4/gal there in most cases. Diesel...
  3. FredIA

    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    Hey.. I've been lurking and haven't apparently logged in and posted since January 2011.. so, hopefully someone will remember me and not think I'm just a shill for an unsolicited recommendation-- but I had to report that a few days ago I had a most enjoyable time having JasonTDI replace my...
  4. FredIA

    XM Module Replacement

    Uugh Well back in late December I cancelled my stand-alone XM SkyFi II and put the VW one is as the only one on my account. Which currently is a 3-yr sub due to expire 3/1/11. So now I have the conundrum of do I just let go of XM all together or do I order that module from ECS and re-up...
  5. FredIA

    235 MPG VW XL1 Diesel Hybrid getting closer

    You gotta love the user commentary below that article. My kinda of smart a$$, that is for sure. Thanks for the lunchtime entertainment! :D I think I am going to make a 6 passenger 35+ MPG TDI Minivan. It's imaginary too... But I admit it! ;) Fred
  6. FredIA

    Great! Now Global Warming is killing my Fuel Economy

    It was supposed to be a warm, wet winter here in Iowa. So far it's been a below zero wet winter (average highs are supposed to be 35*F the last couple of weeks). I feel your pain. Ask me how I know a 2006 TDI cant clear more than about 3.5" of snow... But, "dummy".. it's Climate CHANGE not...
  7. FredIA

    VW canada recalls

    I started to use diesel for my use (I live in the country) instead of gas and I found a little trick to still make it much safer than gas but much easier to light. Either mix in or (probably better) throw on top of the Diesel a little Kerosene (D1) and then it's easy to light, sets the Diesel...
  8. FredIA

    Synthetic diesel fuel powers 1,000 miles of Audi

    What do people who live in states like Illinois do? When I visited Chicago and throughout Illinois, I couldn't find a pump anywhere that was less than B12. I had more than 1/2 a tank of straight Diesel in from Iowa so I went for it (I'm not one of you guys who likes to drive until the warning...
  9. FredIA

    Automotive World: Is the US ready to accept diesel?

    That's because she takes it to the dealer. My local dealer insists on 5K changes (but says nothing when I always go over like I'm doing now at present) and refused to change the service interval indicator to 10K from the initial 5K when I asked. It's common. Most dealers (at least the three...
  10. FredIA

    Iowa TDI Unite?

    Hey.. Another Cedar Rapids area guy here (work in CR, like 20mi due north). I don't post much anymore here but occasionally lurk. First time I've seen this thread. One of these days I need to have Jason look over my TDI. I had clutch problems and talked with him about replacing it.. but...
  11. FredIA

    The Diesel Driver drives the new 2011 Jetta TDI

    It's ugly and a step backwards. It looks like the Ford DI Gas "Eco-boosts" will be my next car after all. Too bad. I do like Diesels. And maybe I can get away from the local VW dealers too.. that's an upgrade in and of itself. Fred
  12. FredIA

    Pocket Full of Miracles: VW Needs Divine Assistance to Hit 1 Million U.S. Sales

    But if Diesel stays at 15% more (like it here is in the Midwest), the amount of service required is less (as it appears to be vis a vis VW TDI), and the service and supplies are cheaper (which they are for a gasser)... economically I'd say for America (since Diesel taxes are higher, and upkeep...
  13. FredIA

    Pocket Full of Miracles: VW Needs Divine Assistance to Hit 1 Million U.S. Sales

    The upcoming new Jetta TDI is bigger, lower tech (suspension) and looks like a 1990's Toyota, IMHO. It likely will get in the high 30's to low 40's best combined since it's heavier. Yet, for example, Ford is coming out with it's twin turbo DI gas engine "Ecoboost" that will be a mid-high...
  14. FredIA

    Michelin Primacy mxv4

    The Primacy are the updated version of the Energy... As far as I can tell from my research (not first hand) the Energy tires are not nearly as good as the newer Primacy tires are, especially in wet (rain) traction. Go for the Primacy version. I guess I'm off to spending almost $700 with tax...
  15. FredIA

    Michelin Primacy mxv4

    I've had a belt slip at 38K on one of the the OEM Conti's on my 2006 Jetta TDI. Also the tires are almost worn out from a treadwear perspective, which would make them among the worst I've ever had for treadwear so I'm leaning on not getting a second set of the Conti ProContacts. I live on...
  16. FredIA

    Clutch Chatter?

    Thanks.. we will see. I'll take it to the stealer next week and see if they can duplicate my issue and whether or not they will fix it. Pity I just bought a second new VW a week ago also. (Not a TDI). I sent off a PM to Jason. Hopefully he can give me some advice. I am wondering if...
  17. FredIA

    Clutch Chatter?

    The description of "smooth as silk" on a hot dry day but grabs (I guess "judder" is the correct term on this thread) on wet days sounds like my '06 TDI for about the last 2K miles or so-- well it only does it the first 3 or 4 times I start on a wet day and then I am fine again. It's smooth on...
  18. FredIA


    I am wondering if I am not having either the "bad clutch disc" problem or the beginnings of a DMF problem with my '06 TDI... build date 02/06. 33.5K miles I only seem to have issues with the clutch when the vehicle gets wet.. i.e. if it sits out in the parking lot at work during heavy rain...
  19. FredIA

    VW recalls 09'-10 DSG's

    Now if VW would only do the same (100,000 miles/10 yr) for '06 Dual Mass Flywheels on the manuals (pre 08/07) and for PD cam wear they might convince me to buy another TDI in the future. And yup I think my DMF (manual) is starting to end it's short (33.5K) for cam wear.. we will see...
  20. FredIA

    U.S. Volkswagen chief Stefan Jacoby talks strategy - Detroit News

    What I said is that a van is justified in a family of 3 children or greater. I agree with you on the people who drive large vehicles for no good reason; this is why I have the TDI for my to and from work daily driver. I know small families are the norm now but I know of many 3-5 children...