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  1. JordanTr

    best b4 modification?

    Ensure it has a grey 109 relay and pack a spare one
  2. JordanTr

    ALH TDI 1.9 L to pickup swap suggestions

    I haven’t done one but I’ve certainly thought about it! There are lots of ranger and Tacoma threads on here as I’m sure you know. Some have done 1/2 ton pickups but it’s less common. Obviously, an uncorked exhaust, upgraded intercooler/turbo, and injectors/tune should be on your shopping...
  3. JordanTr

    best b4 modification?

    Fresh exhaust to keep the diesel stink out of the cabin. Get iq and pump timing on spec. I put mk4 seats in mine. To come (hopefully this year), VNT turbo/tune/injectors/clutch. Ventectomy for faster fills!
  4. JordanTr

    PD150 head bolts - part number?

    Have a read on this thread. When I get to rebuild my 1Z, I will have precision hardened spacers made up so that I can make use of the longest length possible.
  5. JordanTr

    Jordan's C5 Allroad --> BHW TDI

    Thanks Bob. Hopefully, this one will be more functional than that one!
  6. JordanTr

    Jordan's C5 Allroad --> BHW TDI

    I took caffeine’s car for a spin today and I have to say that it’s rekindled my project motivation! It moves along just fine despite its girthy size. More power is always nice but it certainly is capable of earning plenty of fast driving awards! I’ll hopefully have my car mobile again this...
  7. JordanTr

    BHW smoke on start up

    I had trouble directly getting to your video (I think there were some coding issues). I’ll try to paste here:
  8. JordanTr

    Jordan's C5 Allroad --> BHW TDI

    I’m meeting up with this fella ^ next week so can provide some feedback on the seat of the pants feeling!
  9. JordanTr

    Need Photo(s) of OEM Axles

    Depending on the rust level, you should be able to read a 9 digit part number next to the cv boot band on the outer joint. Sometimes the Audi #s are visible on the boots too. SS Oetiker clamps are OEM, zinc plated/cruder bands would be aftermarket.
  10. JordanTr

    1Z fuel consumption

    If we assume cruising along a highway at 60mph is an equivalent light load, you’re probably talking 3.5-5L/hour.
  11. JordanTr

    Is there a interval for re-torquing head bolts

    This comment assumes the second 90* turn takes the head bolts to (and beyond) yield: Torquing the bolts to yield doesn’t “feel” good since the resistance is relatively constant as you’ve reached the flat portion of the stress strain curve. What TTY does is ensure that each fastener shares the...
  12. JordanTr

    Jordan's C5 Allroad --> BHW TDI

    Thanks! I added the A6V to the upper chart for comparison's sake. Your comments on Caffeine's thread were further validation that this build was a good endeavour.
  13. JordanTr

    group buy: injectors (.260s)

    I’m no longer in. Thanks for the effort putting this together though!
  14. JordanTr

    Jordan's C5 Allroad --> BHW TDI

    After spending some seat time in my B4V, wrench time under the B4V, and hearing comments from the other half about how homeless we look whilst driving it, I knew it was time to start looking for a successor. My mother drives a B6V 2.0T 6MT which is a very nice driving car so I had considered a...
  15. JordanTr

    Early signs of slipping clutch. What is recommended for stage 2 performance tuning?

    @thechoochlyman, did you ever get your new clutch in?
  16. JordanTr

    95 Golf 1.9TDI 1Z - Problem with limp mode

    I think you’re on the right track. Good plan to pull and check the intake. My 1Z had the same fall flat symptoms. I cleaned the intake (wasn’t that bad), fixed the iq with the hammer mod, fixed the timing by using vcds and adjusting pump position but problem still persisted. I changed the...
  17. JordanTr

    Idiot light came on this morning

    My B4 did this on a cold morning a few weeks ago but the coolant was a bit on the low side so a top up with G13 was all it took.
  18. JordanTr

    B4 Passat TDI

    I’ve only ever seen one other b4v in the flesh in the past 2 years and 1 for sale in the province (gasser). They must be a lot less common up here!
  19. JordanTr

    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    I replaced the 109 relay with a spare after thumbing a ride home with coworkers to get my spare relay. Won’t be caught like that again. Thankfully I’ve spent enough time reading on TDI club to know about the ECU error checking on the glow/CEL lights so I knew most likely where to go to...
  20. JordanTr


    There’s a YouTube video of a guy cutting/splicing to run ALH management on AHU as well. It was for a swap so he didn’t really touch the mk3/b4 chassis integration.