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  1. Andrei Rinea

    Bluetooth OBD Scanner with Fuel Priming feature

    Hi there, Does anyone know a bluetooth/wireless (not requiring a laptop) OBD scanner that would allow the user to prime the fuel system? Such as after changing the fuel filter or, God forbid, after running out of fuel. I did search for bluetooth, fuel, priming, filter, scanner but did not find...
  2. Andrei Rinea

    Floor plate dilemma

    I took it off today and there doesn't seem to be any problem (yet). The guy in the auto shop said it is a reinforcement of the chassis and kind of a securing part for the exhaust line in case it breaks (the exhaust line). What do you people think about this?
  3. Andrei Rinea

    Floor plate dilemma

    INTRO : -------- Since I installed my Weitec sport suspension (4 coils and 4 shocks) which reduced the ground clearance by 1.57inch (40 mm) I hit very often a traverse piece of s.. err... "connecting strut for floor plate" seen in the below picture as number 7 : This thing bends when I hit...
  4. Connecting strut for floor plate

    Connecting strut for floor plate

  5. Andrei Rinea

    VW finds oldest running VW diesel in CA

    Total ripoff if you ask me. The Rabbit is worth at least 100k$ as a special vehicle. 6 months of having an ugly thing that has a gas-like mileage... What happens after 6 months anyways?
  6. Andrei Rinea

    Audi TDI V6 is on its way to the USA

    Almost all europe (except great britain) uses L / 100 km as a consumption unit of measure. canada too. Practically only america and great britain use these...
  7. Andrei Rinea

    Audi TDi Wins LeMans

    So practically almost both Peugeot lost due to engine problems (the one ranked 2nd lost oil pressure near finish) while NONE of the Audis had engine problems? One crashed and the other one lost a wheel and then crashed. Better engines!
  8. Andrei Rinea

    Audi TDi Wins LeMans

    What happened to the Peugeot car which did not finish?
  9. Andrei Rinea

    Normal serpentine belt tensioner travel length

    I found the reason why the belt came apart : it was rubbing agains the timing belt lower cover. This happened because the harmonic balancer was replaced with a "shorter one", because the lower timing belt cover was not perfectly secured and probably also because the crank was shortened (very...
  10. Andrei Rinea

    Normal serpentine belt tensioner travel length

    Here (Europe) there are many versions : 1. Some acc.belt turn the A/C but don't turn the power steering 2. Some acc.belt doesn't turn the A/C but turns the power steering 3. .... (other combinations) Practically my question in this case would be : SHOULD I ASSUME IT WAS A BAD MATERIAL /...
  11. Andrei Rinea

    Normal serpentine belt tensioner travel length

    4 years later.... I changed the tensioner spring and the roller. Plus the harmonic balancer (ouch my wallet). All seemed ok but 6 months later (7k miles) my serpentine belt has failed. It started making funny noises at idle and in slow traffic. I opened the hood at a red light and I got so...
  12. Andrei Rinea

    Help my tdi is stalling

    Although these are probably expired / solved issues I must add that it's probably a relay or a contact that's acting up not the whole ECU or sh*t like that. I had (and I'm having again) some funny times with my stock alarm system that gets bored from time to time of working and lets its relays...
  13. Andrei Rinea

    Less restrictive downpipes

    Practically a downpipe replacement would add very small power increase... right? That's what I'm getting anywayz (no cat, 2 cherry-bomb - see through mufflers and 2.25" exhaust) 1 maybe 2 HP increase. And I have a chip and Sprint 520.
  14. Andrei Rinea


    First of all excuse me for replying after only 8 years ( :D ). Yes, I've push-started my TDI (1Z engine) many times and it didn't ruin any engine mount, timing belt or anything else. It started excellent. Anywayz a battery replacement still is the way to go.
  15. Andrei Rinea

    Lamborghini-style doors on a TDI?

    Diesel fumes... arghhh.... yeah baby.. Rather smoke a VNT-20 + FMIC + .. than lambo crap...
  16. Andrei Rinea

    Germans want 2007 to be the Year Of The Diesel in America

    Still I don't see why the fight between Diesels and hybrids since there are some hybrids (well not in production yet :) ) which don't use a gasoline engine but a Diesel engine! Imagine a Diesel hybrid in the big cities what mileage would get.
  17. Andrei Rinea

    12sec Lupo TDI

    Sorry for the redundancy.. :( I will search better next time when I try to open a new thread.
  18. Andrei Rinea

    12sec Lupo TDI

    What do you say about this -> ? :D I think it's related somehow to Alligator, right?
  19. Andrei Rinea

    ECU outsmarted me - A3 Boost Mod not working

    Did you open the ECU and install the diode there between the MAP sensor inside the ECU and the ECU board itself?
  20. Andrei Rinea

    "clean diesel" on Market Place Morning Report

    Because we are already offtopic I may stick my nose here and ask "Why are SUV driveable with the same driving license as other (smaller) cars? They should require a more stringent license just like an 18 wheeler or something" - Dunno how the licensing is made over that side of the pond but in...