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  1. Hyde7278

    Stage 4 performance.

    How many miles? And have the injector nozzles been replaced?
  2. Hyde7278

    FS: $250 - Drivers Side PD130 Intake Manifold PD 1.9 TDI VW Volkswagen Intake Manifold AFN AVF

    You might want to reconsider your price as the going rate is $100-120 for these. Right now Korwerks has them for $100 shipped.
  3. Hyde7278

    Burning oil
  4. Hyde7278

    SOLD: VagCom Cable

    how much?
  5. Hyde7278

    6 speed conversion for 03 tdi jetta wanted

    Darkside has them
  6. Hyde7278

    SOLD.....bentleys service manual for sale

    How much shipped to MI(48612)
  7. Hyde7278

    WTB: Fluidampr

    I found one on Facebook a few weeks ago for $200 from a 1.8t so I’ll have to machine off some material to work on a TDI
  8. Hyde7278

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    And there calling for a Diesel shortage this summer so even higher prices to come.
  9. Hyde7278

    What preferred Laptop suits VCDS ?

    I use a old gateway running windows XP
  10. Hyde7278

    WTB - 15 Passat Weathertech Mats / RCD-330 Carplay

    a new set of the Weathertechs are $220.00 so might be worth getting new
  11. Hyde7278


    Checking to see if there is a good way to see if the exhaust side seals on my turbo are lleaking. It is smoking (white smoke) when starting and has white smoke (not a ton) when eccelerating, also have oil driping from subframe and possibley from the flex pipe in the exhaust. I dont have oil...
  12. Hyde7278

    Modifying a fluidpnr for TDI

    Finally received the dampener So now time to get some measurements and put the damper on the lathe and take some material off it
  13. Hyde7278

    BEW baby turbo build (pic heavy)

    If you dont mind me asking what problems did you have with the dieselprofi exhaust. as I was looking into getting one. Thanks Sean
  14. Hyde7278

    WTB south bend stage 2 daily for ALH

    Im looking to get $600 plus shipping if it needs to be shipped
  15. Hyde7278

    WTB south bend stage 2 daily for ALH

    I have a SBC stage 2 endurance with flywheel new in box. I’m in MI
  16. Hyde7278

    Modifying a fluidpnr for TDI

    I figured worst case I would measure to get it pretty close
  17. Hyde7278

    Modifying a fluidpnr for TDI

    I picked up a used fluidpnr that was used on a 1.8t. I know the ones for TDIs are modified 18t dampeners. Does anyone know how much is milled off the mounting surface to work on the TDIs? Thanks in advance
  18. Hyde7278

    My TDI got hit last weekend, and I need help

    IDPARTS has them for $713 shipped and they also have the daily for $588 shipped so not as bad as you were finding