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  1. jimbote

    Tdi acme adapter to w56 runout woes

    I don't but lots of youtube videos covering the procedure.
  2. jimbote

    TDI complete engines leads?

    Pm sent, check your inbox.
  3. jimbote

    BMM pistons in ALH

    Look to be the same pistons as BHW
  4. jimbote Discount Code - Expires September 8, 2022

    Anyone have an up to date code?
  5. jimbote

    TDI 1st Gen Tacoma Swap

    Yeah, the BHW/AFN manifold is ideal for a tacoma or any longitudinal swap. It's what i'm using on my first gen, awesome starter clearance and frees up space below. Check out XMan for some performance BHW turbo options. Also the taco compressor fits the vw longitudinal AC bracket with a simple...
  6. jimbote

    WTB - ALH Upper Intercooler Hose

    I have one. Check your inbox.
  7. jimbote

    WTB: M-TDI pump for ALH

    I like and appreciate M-tdi, and my first vanagon was a 1Z with a rover pump. Gobs of power and easy to setup. However, my current van is a full E tdi AHU runing ALH operating system with gtb1749vc vnt turbo. I would NEVER go back to a mechanical setup. Quick starts, low smoke, better fuel...
  8. jimbote

    Cool piston tech

  9. jimbote

    WTB: M-TDI pump for ALH

    Or Carrington level event*
  10. jimbote

    WTB: M-TDI pump for ALH

    Ebay UK and look for 200 or 300 tdi pump. Much easier to adapt and way cheaper than a giles or building yourself. I've had several and they ran great.
  11. jimbote

    WTB: M-TDI pump for ALH

    They will run but very inadequate. Lots of internal differences that make a true tdi-m pump so much better.
  12. jimbote

    KYB AGX ?

    I ended up ordering a single billy HD. Cars rides and drives great again.
  13. jimbote

    WTB: 02J transmission for 03 TDI wagon.

    Have you checked the cabin shifter bushings?
  14. jimbote

    KYB AGX ?

    Anyone use these? Good, bad, ugly?
  15. jimbote

    KYB AGX vs Bilstein B6 HD MK4

    Been running the B6 on my golf for years now but one is blown and looking at replacements. Anyone used the KYB?
  16. jimbote

    Lets talk impact guns

    Exactly. As soon as i started using electric i never looked back for all those reasons listed. They're also waaay more efficient than a compressor based tool.
  17. jimbote

    Lets talk impact guns

    I've used kobalt 24v 3/8 and 1/2 (full size) impacts for years now and they've been great. The 3/8 is ridiculously strong for it's size. Will actually loosen lug nuts if i push it.. The 1/2 usually does lugs and high torque fasteners like axle nuts and flywheel bolts. Batteries are also cheap.
  18. jimbote

    Diesel 'pipe' in cylinder head (tandem pump -> injectors)

    Yeah, it does take a little persuasion. I have to run a tap in followed by a bolt to work them out.