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    GTD1752VRK compressor wheel

    Pretty nice manifold but actuator nice some heat protection... :D Dieseleux
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    Air to water intercoolers

    The most trouble with this intercooler is how air goes in intercooler fin. In high boost and high velocity, most air rush to the end and the cylinder under intercooler input run too rich, the cylinder a other end run lean. I make bend plates at input to put air more equaly on all intercooler...
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    Air to water intercoolers

    My setup My intake Water air intercooler i use many year... In winter, i don't run water pump most time, air intake at +20c to +30c over ambient temperature on highway. When water pump run, intake are +6 to +8c only over the ambient. I use big front mount intercooler to cold down water...
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    JSW TDI horrible mpg

    Brake drag, check rear break temperature at highway exit. If all good, center wheel hub are same temp on 4 corner. Check tire pressure also... Dieseleux
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    3” vs 2.5”exhaust on Q5 TDI Dieseleux
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    Gtb1756vb twin scroll? Dieseleux
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    11mm injection pump trouble

    Just in case, you have TDC mark on accessory pulley... Dieseleux
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    Brand new GT1749VB huge turbo-lag!

    Follow thread #12. Do some graph or number and i reply. Dieseleux
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    Brand new GT1749VB huge turbo-lag!

    4.4psi at 2000rpm, hot and neutral is good, no ajustement need. 2 and 18 for start and stop is also good, no ajustement need. 15psi at 1800rpm is not bad... You remove KP39 for 1749VB, is not a big step, KP39 is nice reactive turbo and better than VNT15 on older engine. To test low rpm, close...
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    Brand new GT1749VB huge turbo-lag!

    24-27 inmg of vaccum on pump.? 16-18 inmg of vaccum on actuator at idle on manual car? If not, some time, vacuum pump leak on aluminium hose nipple, a gentle hammer on pump flange to crimp the nipple and silicon to seal totaly (let silicon dry for one night before test) One way vale (black/white...
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    1.9 TDI 81kw no power, all measurements OK.

    Group 15, what Actual et Request value at WOT? Group 10, what intake pressure at WOT and 3000-4000rpm? Group 13, what value, engine >70celcius and idle, no light or AC. Group 4, What actual and specified start? (cold engine) Dieseleux
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    Bonne Annee! Dieseleux
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    Mystery low power highly modified alh

    Change for 10mm manuel use pump and make autopsy of the bad one. If the head are good, swap head on 10mm pump, dont forget to check the K clearance. Dieseleux
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    HS yukon

    Super voyage! Dieseleux
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    Off-Topic !!! VIDEO thread Y a aussi une partie deux. Dieseleux
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    Improving Oil Galley Piston Cooling

    Nice thread! Oil pump are fixe flow but pressure relief limit the pressure, if you have less restriction in oil system, pressure relief valve work less and you have more flow use by engine in overall. The oil return by pressure relief valve is the good indicator if the pump have good size for...
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    Off-Topic !!! VIDEO thread Mechant trou... Dieseleux
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    Off-Topic !!! VIDEO thread Si Google etait un gars... :) Dieseleux
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    Off-Topic !!! VIDEO thread Pas mal!!! Dieseleux
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    Off-Topic !!! VIDEO thread Dieseleux