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  1. d2freeman

    Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

    I was also informed by FCP Euro that the one I had on order is now no ETA so I cancelled the order and ordered the JAVOUKA brand one from Amazon. It is the exact same as the FARLEYO that I returned.
  2. d2freeman

    Getting an NMS on four jackstands

    I simply used slotted rubber adapters on my floor jack and lifted the entire side by jacking under the side with the pinch weld in the groove of the adapter. Worked perfectly...
  3. d2freeman

    Fuel seeping

    the sensor has an o-ring inside, it just unscrews from the tee.
  4. d2freeman

    Semi-Solved!! 2012 Passat won’t shut off

    pull off the top of the fuel filter, that should stop it.
  5. d2freeman

    TDIClub "Free" engine compression check program :)

    Ok - I did the compression test that is in VCDS and here are my numbers with 425k miles on my 13 Passat. #1 252 #2 255 #3 255 #4 258 Engine runs fine, uses maybe 1/2 quart of oil every 5k miles which seemed to start right after I got a tune (Kerma) - I figure the turbo seals are...
  6. d2freeman

    "Knock" on cold start-up (DSG DMF)

    I used a harbor freight transmission jack and was able to get it lined up by using the jacks adjustment so it just slid right up to the engine. Got it with a 25% off coupon
  7. d2freeman

    "Knock" on cold start-up (DSG DMF)

    Got mine out with this. Took just a couple of minutes.
  8. d2freeman

    Coolant turning brown

    This video explains all the VW coolant.
  9. d2freeman

    Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

    Most likely I will not get this installed before you get yours, I just replaced mine a few months ago..
  10. d2freeman

    Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

    I oaid $70 with tax. Only way I found it was from a link I saw in a post on Reddit. Last week they were listed to be delivered in late October, I had one ordered and then saw they had one in the amazon warehouse and it would be delivered in 2 days to I bought it and when it arrived and looked...
  11. d2freeman

    Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

    This arrived today. Included what looks like a MANN filter.
  12. Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

    Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

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