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  1. p.e.fletcher

    CP4 Bypass?

    Here’s a post about it
  2. p.e.fletcher

    Subframe/steering rack question

    Sweet success! I just went for it and in the end I did not have to drop or even loosen the subframe. Took some persistence and few four letter words along the way 😉 Cut the old bushings out with a hacksaw blade. Unbolted the sway bar and end links and tied it up out of the way as much as...
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  5. p.e.fletcher

    Just purchased the erWin but the pdf files are locked

    IIRC that might have something to do with what viewer you are opening the PDFs with. The initial acknowledgment is normal, but should then take you to the document start after you click OK. Can you try opening them with AdobeReader (free) and see if it works properly?
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  7. p.e.fletcher

    Darkside Hard Pipe Kit CJAA

    I glazed over the NMS part… sorry, needed more coffee. NMS charge pipe is completely different from MK6 becuase it’s an A2W charge cooler. There is actually only 1 pipe from turbo to cooler because charge cooler then feeds directly into bottom of ASV. That would be easiest of all of them to...
  8. p.e.fletcher

    Darkside Hard Pipe Kit CJAA

    Pretty cool that the MK7 can fit either. I feel like the trans side of the MK6 kit could be pretty easily modified for DSG but not everyone will want to do that. Would be easier than a full custom kit for sure though. The MK6 kit description is specific about the manual vs dsg: Fits ALL Mk6...
  9. p.e.fletcher

    Intercooler Pump Mod

    I’m interested in how this turns out. Wondering if the pump will last being 100% full time. Someone on here talked about swapping a larger pump and the closed circuit idea as well but I think it was one of the newer Golf’s with charge cooler and not the CKRA Passat. Also heard idea of bigger...
  10. p.e.fletcher

    Changing gage cluster backlight color

    Oh man that was great 😂
  11. p.e.fletcher

    Darkside Hard Pipe Kit CJAA

    No problem at all. I ordered this 49 piece kit and also this 10 pack of larger ones for the bigger main radiator hoses. There are a bunch left over, but not a bad thing to have on hand and these are good quality IMO. Probably would have cost close to same to order the separate 10 packs to get...
  12. p.e.fletcher

    Darkside Hard Pipe Kit CJAA

    Hey, yeah that’s the Kerma TDI Mk6 hose kit. It fit great the hoses matched up very well, but you just lose a mounting clip or two IIRC - nothing some zip ties can’t handle if needed at all, though. The stock spring clamps either didn’t fit or hold as well with the thicker/stiffer silicone so I...
  13. p.e.fletcher

    Whitbread filter to prevent fuel system contamination?
  14. p.e.fletcher

    Subframe/steering rack question

    Hey @Dalon and thanks @oilhammer and @MrCypherr Yeah, I absolutely agree with all of you and I wasn’t advocating for this in a stock CR. Was really just wondering if I could get a little play in steering rack without dropping the subframe for install because it’s so dang close. I have Stage 1...
  15. p.e.fletcher

    Subframe/steering rack question

    That’s fair. I wouldn’t do it in a stock or even lightly tuned car for that reason - will definitely add some NVH. I’m building this Golf up to hoping somewhere close to 300hp end goal. I have my idle set high at 950rpm in the tune to start out which should help. Can always bump it up more if...
  16. p.e.fletcher

    Subframe/steering rack question

    Oh for sure, I’ve pressed out the old ones and pressed in new OEM ones on a bench for my NMS Passat and I agree that would not be pleasant to try on the car 😝 Did find this, but too expensive for a one off and wouldn’t work for the VibraTechnic bushing anyways...
  17. p.e.fletcher

    Subframe/steering rack question

    Not what I was hoping to hear, but I definitely appreciate your input. Thanks a bunch 🙏
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