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  1. detroitmike

    I should have known better. The dealer strikes again.

    So I noticed a certain wiring harness was starting to fray on my 13 Passat (common problem) and since I was close to my 30k service, I thought I would just drop it off so they could take care of both. I normally do my own oil changes and have since new on this vehicle but I was also getting a...
  2. detroitmike

    Fs: 15" 5x112 snow set hakkapeliitta r

    SOLD 4 tire set, 15" 5x112 steel wheels with wheel covers & Hakkapelliitta R's. Wheels in excellent condition, so are the wheel covers. Stored in garage off-season. Used two seasons. Tread depth on 2 tires are 8/32" and other two at 6/32" ET47 195/65/R15 26lbs Had these on my 2012...
  3. detroitmike

    Fault Codes, Could use advice

    So I did a scan w/ VCDS and came up with 2 fault codes. I was really trying to avoid the dealer for anything even though I am still under warranty. Maybe someone could tell me what these are and if I should really get them checked by the dealer or just clear them. The car seems to be running...
  4. detroitmike


    test fault code ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 01: Engine (J623-CKRA) Labels: None Part No SW: 03L 906 012 BN HW: 03L 907 309 S Component: R4 2,0L EDC H23 4804 Revision: 71H23--- Serial number: Coding...
  5. detroitmike

    Trading Jetta in for Passat. Need advice.

    Well, even after the problems I had with my Jetta I decided I'm going to stick with VW. I test drove a couple hybrids but the thought of being stuck in one of those boring S*** boxes for 3 hours a day would make me want to shoot myself in the head. I've decided to switch from a manual to a DSG...
  6. detroitmike

    Poor AM radio reception RCD-310

    I don't listen to AM very often but when I want it, I'd like to have it. Problem is, I can't get any channels to come in. Anyone else have this problem in their Jetta? Any fix for it? Or do I just have to live with it?
  7. detroitmike

    Difficulty shifting into fifth gear

    Here's my problem. About once a week while attempting to shift into fifth gear under normal acceleration, the shifter will not go all the way into its proper position. But if I maintain normal pressure towards fifth gear on the knob while releasing the clutch, something releases and lets the...
  8. detroitmike

    Diesel Cheaper than Gas!

    Bout freakin time. This hasn't happened in a long time (for me anyway). Diesel was actually 5 cents LESS than RUG. In my area Diesel has been at least 10 cents more for a while and even up to a dollar more in recent months as all of you know, i'm sure.
  9. detroitmike

    Engine cut out at 60mph

    This afternoon I pulled out onto the highway, leisurely accelerated to 60 mph and was cruising along in 5th for about 3 or 4 miles when all of the sudden my engine loses power. I look down at the speedo and the needle drops to zero and yellow light comes on. NOT the glowplug light. It was on the...
  10. detroitmike

    Wiper Clicking, not a relay

    I'm going to have to take it in for this one because its really annoying. I did a search and some said they have a relay clicking but this is mechanical in nature. Just wanted to know if anyone had to deal with this yet. The sound on the video is a little off, the clicking happens right when...
  11. detroitmike

    vid test