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    Built BRM long block

    Wow guy! I’m the scam? That’s funny. You’re deal had “classic scam" written all over it. Even IF you’re not a scam, I’m not agreeing to pay extra money to make you feel better about your purchase after low balling the crap out of me. My deal was $3500, not $3430. The escrow scam is an old...
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    Built BRM long block

    I started this project about two years ago. My priorities have changed and now it sits. I’m looking for $4000 obo. -Dark side head port and polished -Oversized valves -Upgraded Springs -BHW pistons (machined block to fit pistons) -Rosten Rods -120 injectors -Dark side race cam -ARP head studs...
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    Shortest route to getting a 2260vk working

    FWIW Darkside uses 316 stainless steel instead of 304. Not sure if 316 is necessary, but it is about 30% more expensive than 304. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    BRM “Monster”

    Thanks man. Finally posted some pictures. I was going to buy the VW cam gear puller, but the cheapest one I could find was more expensive than this whole timing set I found on amazon. So far so good.
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    BRM parts

    All parts have about 150k miles on them. Head $450 Injectors $300 Intake manifold $150 Turbo $200 Email me for pics and more information. Located in SC
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    BRM “Monster”

    It seems fairly doable. Every picture host I use to post pictures gives me trouble. I usually post pics through Tapatalk but it’s not working either. Anyway, I’m waiting on the pistons and rods from Darkside. I also bought a cam, ported head, and 120% injectors from someone on these forums...
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    straight pipe

    Check for exhaust leaks. This post was 10 years old!
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    1.9L TDI Intake Manifold Flow Testing / Comparison

    I just bought a ported head from Darkside. I’d like to see what the manifolds flow on it.
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    1.9L TDI Intake Manifold Flow Testing / Comparison

    Or Darkside’s custom intake
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    Ported heads problem

    I had a head for a 1.8T ported a while back. After porting it smoked really bad and fouled out plugs. I changed the guides and too had no change. Eventually the head was pulled and checked for cracks. The porting weakened and cracked the same area in each port causing oil to get in. Your...
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    Water Methanol injection CR170

    is this DSG? Maybe you’re close to the torque limit of the dsg causing the ecu to cut power.