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    Mk5 and Mk7 skidplates

    Hello all, Some bonehead mechanic damaged the skid plate of my Altea (Golf Mk5 platform, higher roof, lower ground clearance, Golf Plus equivalent) and I'm interested in mounting something beefier in its place. I've seen that the Golf Alltrack has quite a substantial skid plate, but I'm not sure...
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    Crazy project: Hybrid retrofit

    Hello all, My country passed a law, allowing a hybrid to pay less taxes. I've always been intrigued by the idea of having a hybrid car, so I thought maybe it'll be doable. So the idea originally is, -9 kWh underboot battery -Two 60 kW in-wheel motors -Necessary electronics (inverters etc.) on...
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    Foreign object damage in BKD turbo - how?

    Hello all, My 2005 SEAT Altea with BKD engine had a problem with the turbo, sometimes shuddering, low low-end power, sometimes turbo cr@pping out completely and leaving the car with 70 hp. Anyway, I called sticky valves, off came the turbo and went for a clean. The turbine screw had pits on the...
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    Hybrid vs. VNT Turbo?

    Hello all, I have a 2004 Seat with a BKD engine, and I'm looking to upgrade the turbo. Darkside has hybrid turbo kits for this engine and they claim zero turbo lag (big improvement as my car has quite a bit) and up to 210 hp with proper tunes. Some say that a hybrid turbo is unnecessary and a...