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  1. tophergrace

    2004 Jetta tdi Wagon, Manual trans, oem+, Needs turbo replaced $2,100

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2004 Jetta tdi Wagon, Manual trans, oem+, Needs turbo replaced $2,100 I am selling my 04 tdi wagon, I bought this car from the original owner because he was in his 70's and no longer wanted to drive stick. Car gets 700+ a tank no matter how you drive it. Car will NEED A TURBO. A...
  2. tophergrace

    2004 Jetta tdi Wagon, Manual trans, oem+, Needs a turbo

    Reserved for photos (sorry guys I haven't logged onto photobucket for a while)
  3. tophergrace

    Nissan Hardbody TDI Swap

    good progress !!! I'm surprised you didn't try a longitudinal 06a pan, will your pan be to low for rocks etc? or will it be protected by skid plate?
  4. tophergrace

    Telescoping Sun Visor

    yes sir b5.5
  5. tophergrace

    Trouble after changing turbo

    awesome, my alh car was like that too but just wanted to be sure
  6. tophergrace

    Telescoping Sun Visor

    Yes sir, all you need is a wrecked b5.5 passat. Not all of them have them but you should be able to find a set. I had a set for sale for 15bucks and no takers ended up giving them away but they do telescope and's a must have.
  7. tophergrace

    Trouble after changing turbo

    Thanks for all the help guys!!!! got the intercooler cleaned and it runs pretty good now. Still lots of grey smoke at 3/4 or more throttle input but I'm thinking that'll go away. New to me turbo seems good (if it lasts a year i'll be happy with it then i'm going vnt17, I know that it sounds...
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    **** HELP **** lound ticking noise

    Lifter are pretty common to go bad. I had one die in my alh and swapped it out with a 5cyl 20valve one that was laying around. I'd check cam for heat stress while you're there. Sounds like you're on the right track though. GL
  9. tophergrace

    Trouble after changing turbo

    Thank you all for your answers (I really do love this forum, so positive and direct) To answer your questions: -Oil was everywhere externally,(dip stick broke the same day=total fluke), and internally. -Lifters are new and the nitrided so hopefully they are just fine I'll be working on this...
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    engine dies when put in reverse

    sounds like you're onto something. I'd check your drains in the front windshield duct as well. They are known for clogging and retaining water
  11. tophergrace

    Trouble after changing turbo

    Car-2004 jetta wagon 5-speed bew tdi (pd100) Turbo died at work a few weeks back, Oil everywhere. Shut it down quick and got it towed home. I sourced a gently used kp39 from a friend and put the car back together. (While I was there I also did hi-flex oil feed line from a vendor and pd150im...
  12. tophergrace

    FS: 2005 Passat GLS TDI Wagon - Hudson Valley NY

    I have an 04 jetta wagon with all maintenance up to date in the same color i'd offer for straight trade. Manual transmission, mexico radio, new Tb, and billet cam.
  13. tophergrace

    1996 Passat B4V wagon TDI on Ebay

    Didn't see that one but i've seen a few before,what's wrong with flipping cars? Dealers do it everyday, i've never made it a career but i've flipped a few a year for the past 12 years
  14. tophergrace

    driving ALH vs PD

    it's hard to say man, for me my pd is def faster stock to stock. There's a good chance the IM is full of carbon etc. With just even a stage one a pd has a lot to offer in terms of power
  15. tophergrace

    Audi with new motorsport strategy: Formula E instead of WEC

    Electric go karts are amazing, what are you talking about
  16. tophergrace

    Audi A4 quattro tdi $4,500 obo

    Pending 5 offers just seeing who gets here 1st