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    Significant Hesitation At Speed

    Problem Solved Thanks for the responses Copa and BobnOH. The problem has been resolved (it was indeed the Tandem Pump). :) Working with the repair shop folks, they installed an inline gague to monitor the output of the tandem pump. I understand it should have been "rock steady"...
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    Significant Hesitation At Speed

    Back again…had to take care of family things first… Since my last post, I took my TDI to a trusted neighborhood shop. They don’t specialize on TDIs but they are smart and they don’t charge an arm and a leg. At the shop they don’t have VCDS, but they have various systems to monitor engine...
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    Significant Hesitation At Speed

    Approaching a scheduled TB replacement. Everything else is current. Below is my scan, a looks like the temperature sensor could need to be replaced. When I ran the temperature sensor blocks at freeway, it was in the plateaued at 80 to 85 range. Thursday,02,May,2013,20:03:11:57853 VCDS...
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    Significant Hesitation At Speed

    TDI friends, First off, I must admit I am a novice…hopefully I can put together enough information for an informed discussion. The last few months my 2005 TDI Passat has had a hesitation/lurching issue. This is generally felt most significantly at speeds of around 50+ MPH while going up a...
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    VCDS VAG-COM Locator

    Hex + Can USB Tacoma, WA
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    Who Here Has Written To VW About The BS Issue?

    BS Replacement Options The BS info in this thread has been helpful to understand some of the issues I face with my B5. While not yet noisey, there is little confidence that it will last. I try to do the straight forward stuff, but I am no mechanic (my spouse chuckles over my shoulder). So my...
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    WTB: Wheels for '05 Passat Wagon

    I am looking to purchase a set of 4 wheels for my 2005 Passat TDI wagon. They will be used with snow tires, and as I understand it, I need 16x7. dieB4sel
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    '96 TDI Passat Wagon B4 For Sale

    Car is Sold The car has been sold. Howler's initial estimates of how much it could go for was very helpful. This car went for about twice blue-book. Now what am I going to do with my name (dieB4sel) now that I no longer own a B4? :confused: Good news is at least I still own a newer TDI.
  9. Roof Top

    Roof Top

  10. Front Seats

    Front Seats

  11. Hood Close Up

    Hood Close Up

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  13. Rear with Receiver Hitch On

    Rear with Receiver Hitch On

  14. Passenger Side

    Passenger Side

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  17. Drivers side

    Drivers side

  18. Front with cover

    Front with cover

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    '96 TDI Passat Wagon B4 For Sale

    B4V is Now For Sale Sorry for the wait, I am now back (early) from vacation. Photos are avialable in the gallery. Here is the link to the pictures. This car is now for sale. Rich Arneson
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    '96 TDI Passat Wagon B4 For Sale

    Follow-up to Initial Post Yes it is still available. My intent on the initial note was just to understand what the price range was for such a car. I hadn't anticipated there would be such an interest. I am back from a vacation on 7/1 and the car should be ready (it is currently in the...