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  1. tophergrace

    2004 Jetta tdi Wagon, Manual trans, oem+, Needs turbo replaced $2,100

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2004 Jetta tdi Wagon, Manual trans, oem+, Needs turbo replaced $2,100 I am selling my 04 tdi wagon, I bought this car from the original owner because he was in his 70's and no longer wanted to drive stick. Car gets 700+ a tank no matter how you drive it. Car will NEED A TURBO. A...
  2. tophergrace

    Trouble after changing turbo

    Car-2004 jetta wagon 5-speed bew tdi (pd100) Turbo died at work a few weeks back, Oil everywhere. Shut it down quick and got it towed home. I sourced a gently used kp39 from a friend and put the car back together. (While I was there I also did hi-flex oil feed line from a vendor and pd150im...
  3. tophergrace

    Audi A4 quattro tdi $4,500 obo

    drive it home for $4,500 B5 Audi A4 TDI quattro Short Version alh engine tdi trans Fully vagcomable starts runs drives 38-43mpg $4,500obo (i have almost 10k in this car) Long version please read, I'll try and answer any questions I can think of in here 1998 audi a4 tdi quattro -Body rare non...
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    Audi a4 TDI quattro $6,400 obo

    Audi a4 TDI quattro $4,500 obo Moved
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    Gauging interest: Small frame ball bearing turbos

    My friend is currently dissecting a few vnt turbos and exploring ball bearing conversions. We know bb conversions have been done in the past and I thought some people may still be interested. Would anyone be interested in a conversion? No price set but it would be very competitive.
  6. tophergrace

    Mk4 (and others) Prothane control arm bushings

    $20 shipped to your door cont US (Sorry Canada and Mexico i've just found shipping to be outrageos anymore. I am willing to ship but it will be on your dime)
  7. tophergrace

    Car died on the highway

    I'll leave out the details of road construction, having almost no where to pull off being surrounded by semis and how much not fun the whole experience was. Anyways I'm driving my 02 ALH down the highway and it's driving just fine. Then I hear a clunk and my battery light comes on. Ok, I'll...
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    Indirect Emissions, something rarely talked about with diesels

    The one emission not talked about is indirect emissions. When one is prius preaching about how much good their car does for the environment it can be easy to battle their claim with informing them of the negative effects of mining lithium batteries etc. I am not knocking the prius for that (i'll...
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    Volkswagen reaches out to owners: Offers $500 Visa cards, dealership credits

    Cannot Delete, didn't read all other threads before posting
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    Cruise control

    Ok so I have a audi a4 with an alh conversion in it. I runs awesome but i'd like to get cruise going in it. The cruise control unit in the car is original and it is vaccum. Can I use this to control the alh? Also where would I splice the vacuum line in at? n75, n249? I know this seems so...
  11. tophergrace

    DIY: engine mounting hardware (alh shown probably works for others)

    Problem engine cover is missing fasteners and the upgrade from vw is very expensive. Here is a cheap quality fix. I spent less than $10. 1.Drill out mounting holes just a tad 2.Insert stud with appropriate washers. I used locking and flat on both sides along with blue locktite. 3.Adjust height...
  12. tophergrace

    Kurt Smith (ksmitty244) passes away

    I'm not sure I even did anything wrong and maybe Iv'e just never noticed that moderator approval is. All I was trying to do was post an article for my friend who was a long standing member. Kurt Smith or Ksmitty244 on here past away and I though he may have had some friends on here who would...
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    Since when do moderators need to approve everything on this site?

    Just a question?
  14. tophergrace

    Need a moderator, having trouble with Vendor

    Not sure where this goes but I am having trouble with a reputable vendor not getting back with me in a timely manner and this has been going on since January. Who would be the correct person to ask? Thank you, Chris
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    Audi a4 quattro with alh

    No longer for sale No longer for sale
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    FS: Garrett 1752 turbo

    FS: garrett 1722 $500 Nlfs!
  17. tophergrace

    Audi diesel drifter

    In case you haven't seen this yet
  18. tophergrace

    WTB: bhw or similar exhuast manifold

    WTB: bhw or similar exhuast manifold Thank you, Chris
  19. tophergrace

    mercedes vnt 17 turbo

    So I have an oppurtunity to pick up a vnt 1749v from a mercedes for cheap, like stupid cheap and with a egt guage and probe. I am told it is off a mercedes so I know i'll have to find a solution to make it work in my car(not really a big deal) I just want to make sure it's actually going to be...