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    Osram LEDriving headlights - bulb replacement & warranty

    So the fine print in the Osram LEDriving installation manual says they are a product "without an exchangeable light source" which I assume means, what, that the bulbs and/or drivers are either not end-user replaceable or that they are proprietary parts and only available to their warranty...
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    Headlights: Osram LEDriving vs. Ed's Replica HID

    For those who opted for Osram LEDriving headlights, I'm guessing your weren't able to personally back-to-back compare them to Ed's Replicas HIDs in terms of performance (beam pattern, cutoff line, reach, etc.) but did you come across any online discussions that helped you decide on the Osrams...
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    Where did all my photos go?

    Problem solved. Thanks, Fred! All 47 of my photos, uploaded over many years, went poof in the last day or two? The file names are all still there but no thumbnail or full size images accompany them. Any idea on what happened?
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    DIY - GSW pano roof drain tube end cap removal

    The Problem - Pano roof leaks are pretty common and there are TSBs on repair of cracks in the plastic drain trays in the pano frame and a bad frame-to-body seal due to a poor weld. Service Campaign 60E5 specifies cleaning the front tubes and removing the front tube check valves to prevent the...
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    Please check your wiring harness for me...

    Could someone please check their large wiring harness going into the fuse/relay box and see if it is routed as mine is in this photo? The two arrows show where the kinked harness contacts both the back side of the left headlight and the front corner of the fuse/relay box. This hasn't resulted in...
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    Anybody know member TDIBone from Brantford, ON.?

    I've been trying to reach him (Brian Boyes) by PM and email. No luck so far.
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    Source for Audi A3 MQB VCDS Tweaks?

    Title says it all. I'm not familiar with any of the A3 forums.
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    GM still confident of diesel's future

    GM still confident of diesel's future
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    Any leaking GSW pano roofs this winter?

    I'm slightly surprised to not read of any pano roof leaks this winter. Mine did, but only during a 100-year storm of unprecedented rate of rainfall. I'm really wondering if there were leaks that did occur this winter but were not detected because the evidence was somewhat hidden. In my case, a...
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    VW I.D. R. takes on Pikes Peak

    No TDI content, but... VW I.D. R. takes on Pikes Peak
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    Germany considers SCR retrofit

    Germany considers SCR retrofit.
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    New development in NOX reduction/elimination

    New development in NOX reduction/elimination.
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    Porsche remains committed to diesel, exec. says

    Porsche remains committed to diesel, exec. says
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    Full size spare and OE Fender subwoofer

    Has anybody swapped in a full-size spare tire while keeping and securing the Fender subwoofer in its original location within the backside of the wheel? With the cargo floor perimeter riser blocks in place (i.e. trunk floor in "upper" position), the subwoofer will fit partially inside a...
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    HeatShield for Pano roof - will the Mk.6 version fit?

    HeatShield does not yet have an application for the Mk.7 Pano roof (but says they will in the future). Will the Mk. 6 version fit?
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    Aftermarket rear bumper top protector

    Anybody know of an aftermarket equivalent of the VW accessory stainless rear bumper top protector but in a black plastic or neoprene?
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    Vacuum Hose Routing Diagram p/n, '01 Golf/Jetta 5-spd.

    Would one of you kind folks mind checking the part number on the Vacuum Hose Routing Diagram sticker for your '01 Golf/Jetta 5-speed? I think the p/n is along the right edge of the sticker. Thanks a million.
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    Will Audi withdraw from WEC LMP1 this year?

    The Audi Sport site doesn't raise any question about it, although it does say only 2 rather than 3 LMP1s each will be entered for both Audi and Porsche at Le Mans. I wonder if Audi/VW legal department has pushed Audi Sport for withdrawal from WEC LMP1 this year in light of hostility from...
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    Diecast Mk.IV GTI TDI - colors

    100% TDI content, but only 1/18 actual car content. For the Mk.IV enthusiast who has everything... I'm curious if anybody has a Revell Golf Mk IV GTI TDI 1/18 diecast model in a color other than dark blue like this one? I believe they've been out of production since the early to mid 2000s in at...
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    The sound of worn differential bearings?

    I'm trying to identify worn diff bearings in my 02J. The noise is a slight moan and occurs only between 60 to 65 MPH (regardless of gear), under load/acceleration. Dead quiet in coast/decel within that speed range and dead quiet at any other speed under load. Accompanying the noise is a very...