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    FS 2000 Jetta TDI 5 Speeds

    2000 Jetta TDI 5 Speeds for sale after 259000K of excellent performance.No accidents located in Vancouver BC Canada.Silver colour no accidents.No A/C $3500 can dollars. Car has been S O L D
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    ULS Diesel in Mexico

    I am thinking about traveling to Mexico from Vancouver BC and I'd like to know if somebody has traveled with a 2010 or newer TDI requiring ultra low sulphure diesel. Please share your experience. Thanks for your replies
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    Wtb 03 to 09 jsw vancouver lm

    WTB 03 to 09 JSW TDI Vancouver BC Lower Mainland I am looking to buy a 2003 to 2009 Jetta SW prefer Standard ,but I could check an auto with low mileage in the Vancouver Lower Mainland .Please feel free to e mail me if you have or know of one available. Thanks VW Petrolero
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    FS: Used Injectors ALH 5 SPEEDS 124000K

    I have a set of Good used Injectors out of a 2003 standard Jetta with 124000Kms.I am selling them for $120.00 plus shipping from Vancouver B.C.
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    FS:ALH 10 mm INJECTION Pump

    I have a used injection pump out of a 2003 Jetta standard with 120.000 K.I am selling it for $400.00 plus shipping from Vancouver B.C.
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    93 Golf Td oil light blinking

    I have a 93 Golf TD 1.9 AAZ ENGINE .Replaced TB,tensioner & FI Pump ,started OK but I have a oil blinking light ,pressure and sensors OK .I'd like to know how to test the instrument cluster portion. Thanks PS:I disconected the battery if that has anything to do.
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    2000 Jetta Trunk not opening

    I have a 2000 Jetta TDI that is not opening the trunk with the remote or the key or the inside release.When I try the remote or the inside release I can hear something but is not opening . Please need some tips if somebody had this problem before. Thanks Tony
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    2009 Jetta SW Headlights &Paddle Steering Wheel

    For Sale :2009 Jetta SW Headlights & Paddle Steering Wheel Almost new Headlights out of my 2009 Jetta SW I replaced them for Xennon Type .$300.00 canadian for both. I also have a New Paddle style Steering Wheel $150.00 canadian. Thanks for looking Tony
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    Steering Wheel with Shifter Paddle

    I am installing a new Steering Wheel on a 2009 Jetta SW TDI with shifter paddles and I have a question for Coding after installing it it .Ross-Tech Wiki gives a table for Control Module with Software Version 0101 or lower and 0110 or higher ,wher can you fin that info ? ,what type of version do...
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    New VW Pick-up has a Name

    And it'll be built in Argentina.Here is the link with the info.
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    Central Control Module Location 99 Passat B5

    I have a 1999 1.8 gas auto Passat with a problem in the Central Control Module and I need to know its location .The Jetta has it on top of the steering column behind the Instrument Panel ,but I can't find it there anybody knows? Thanks in advance for the help VW Petrolero
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    2000 Jetta no power on take _off No CEL

    I have a 2000 Jetta standard tranny with 175000 K .Elephant trunk nose CCV .No other modes .It has no power on take -off or up-hill.And has no CEL.I'll check tomorrow for codes if there is any.I think is the MAF sensor.What do you experts think ? Later Tony
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    Code 17656

    I have a 2000 Golf TDI with 165000 Km and shows code 17656 .I did replace the fuel filter but after a while the code came back.Any ideas. Thanks Tony
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    Compaq Presario 1210 w Vag-Com Twin-Com in Van BC

    I have a Good Working Laptop Compaq Presario 1210 that I use for Vag-Com with a Good Battery and a VAG-COM TWIN-COM connector wire that I'll be replacing for a new Laptop and wire .If somebody is interested in this unit I'll be glad to sell it for $450.00 canadian .Will prefer local deal.If no...
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    Code 17964 Charge Pressure Control 2000 Jetta

    I Have a 2000 Jetta with 60K Miles and code 17964 Charge Pressure Control Negative Deviation.Black Smoke at acceleration. Could it be a plugged Intake Manifold or N75 Valve ?.Had a new Maf sensor replaced by dealer ,they told him it needs a new Turbo which I doubt it. Some ideas of previous...
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    CODE 17536 2000 N Beetle 2.0 Lt

    UBB17-ML-1062252-ML- Posted in the wrong forum section
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    CODE 17536 2000 N Beetle 2.0 Lt

    I got a 2000 New Beete 2.0 Lt gas engine automatic transmission with 90000 K giving me a code 17536.Which in the table said long term fuel trim mult.,Bank 1 system too lean . Could that be a MAF sensor? Or a vacuum leak? Any help will be apreciated Later Tony
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    Checking for Air Bag Light

    I'd like to know if I can check the Air Bag light on a 2000 Jetta TDI with the Vag-Com.I know there is some problem. Later Tony
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    1990 Jetta Gas engine dumping Fuel in Cylinders

    I have a 1990 Jetta with a Gasoline engine that I have to find the problem why is dumping too much raw Fuel into the Cylinders. Somebody has a problem like that before. Any suggestions is really appreciated. Later Tony
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    2000 Jetta Driver's Mirror Switch

    2000 Jetta Driver\'s Mirror Switch Does anybody has done a driver's door Power Mirror Switch replacement in one of this car. Thanks for the help . Tony