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  1. ndamico

    Wanted 96-03 tdi manual cheap

    Need to get something for my sister in law. She's starting a new life and needs a car. Dents, bad paint ok. Just needs to be a solid runner with a manual, AC and not a rust bucket as ill have to wrench on it. Salvage title ok. Jetta, golf, wagon, bug, etc. I'm sure the jetta will be the cheapest...
  2. ndamico

    Nicktane MK5+ fuel filter kits back in stock

    sorry guys for the long delay. finally got my brackets back in stock. they are on the website as usual.
  3. ndamico

    Wtb o2m 6 speed with LSD

    Had one in my old golf. If anyone is looking to sell one lmk. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. ndamico

    Wanted power gate loader for my 2003 jetta

    Long shot, but hoping someone has one they not longer want. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  5. ndamico

    Turbo upgrade besides 17/22

    Going to go a bit larger in my wagon. After a few year hiatus from TDIs it appears there may be better options for moderate upgrades. Not looking to go crazy with this like I did on my old golf and hoping not to start a war...but... Thoughts? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  6. ndamico

    light wheels

    currently I have steel wheels on my mk4, but one is dented pretty bad. looking at switching to alloys vs. buy a new steelie. I found some AVUS 15's and some corrado speedline 15's locally as well. anyone ever ran those on a mk4? AFAIK they are 6.5" wide, not 6" like the avus but still a smidge...
  7. ndamico

    Broken egr stud

    Yes I got over zealous... Snapped it off. Have been soaking with pb blaster. Just wonder about making the right move next. I can weld a bolt to it, drill it out, what's best? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. ndamico

    15" Avus 5x100 wheels wanted, Sacramento

    looking for a set of wheels. no tires needed. Thanks!
  9. ndamico

    Wtb mk4 Recaro driver side seat GLI or GTI

    Just realized my last post didnt mention buying one. Looking to buy one as well! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. ndamico

    Trade brand new passenger mk4 Recaro for drivers side

    I have 2 brand new recaros. One GTI and one GLI. Never used. Both are passenger side. I'm looking for someone that might want to trade for a driver's side. Long shot, I know.
  11. ndamico

    Looking to trade brand new passenger GTI or gli Recaro for driver

    I have 2 brand new recaros. Never used. Both are passenger side. I'm looking for someone that might want to trade for a driver's side. Long shot, I know.
  12. ndamico

    Looking for a vcds hex-usb

    Sold mine with what I thought was my last tdi.. now I've got another 03 and need one again. Thanks in advance . Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  13. ndamico

    Power or lack thereof questions.

    Silly question. it's been so long since I've had a bone-stock TDI I think there's something wrong with this one as it seems like it's really really slow. it seems like it'll only go about 75 on flat ground on the freeway with my foot on the floor. That's not right is it? also we tried to drive...
  14. ndamico

    Wanted crossbars 03 Jetta wagon 1j9071151041

    Hoping somebody has a used set of cross bars for an 03 wagon. VW part number is 1j9071151041. Many thanks
  15. ndamico

    maybe FS 2003 Wagon 5 Speed, silver, Cali

    I now have my mom's 2003 5 speed ALH wagon. she didn't want it anymore so i'm cleaning it up with the intention of selling it. I've been out of the MK4 scene for a while and I know they were pricey 10 years ago when we got it but nosomuch anymore. wondering what it might be worth. if not much...
  16. ndamico

    .275 Injectors Complete, brand new, calibrated

    Doing some house cleaning. I had misplaced these as just found them. These were the biggest set of nozzles I ever make for my car. I ended up selling the car before i ran them. They are .275 hole size, on brand new injector bodies, and were setup by DBW. they have been sealed in the bag he...
  17. ndamico

    Vag Tacho Cable

    I purchased this back when I had a Mark IV. i used it to program keys to my car. $20 Shipped
  18. ndamico

    FS: 2014 Passat TDI SE 14k miles, Platinum Gray Metallic/Gray, upgrades, California

    2014 Volkswagen Passat SE TDI 6-SPEED - Excellent Condition! This is my craigslist ad, in case it reads like one. Asking Price $21k o.b.o. VIN 1VWBN7A39EC079909 We are selling our beloved 2014 VW Passat. We have taken meticulous care of it. We are the original owners. I special ordered it...
  19. ndamico

    Nicktane Filter Kits For Current Passat TDI's now available!

    Sorrry for the delay but we have been very busy. The Passat kit is done and up on our website. You can run the 1-Micron, CAT 1R-0750, CAT Ultra-High Efficiency (UHE), or Donaldson filters on it. There is also an option for those that want a pressure gauge tap. All of our products are Made in...
  20. ndamico

    New Pistons, Rings, Rods, Wrist Pins from ALH Build $750

    These are leftover from my new engine build. I bought a new shortblock from Aaron @ Bora Parts and used Rosten Rods w/ PD Pistons. there are the original ones out of the new block. Brand new, never run. $750.00. Please contact if interested.