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    Floppy transmission mount?

    2003 Jetta TDI ALH - 5spd (New video) about 11 seconds. Does this seem like excessive play at the pendulum mount? Symptoms: Shudder with clutch engagement when leaving a stop - (either 1st or reverse). This presents with a clunking sound as the dogbone vibrates...
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    Clanky calipers

    I have finally tracked down that annoying "klankety klank" (the one I have allowed to annoy me for several months) from my front end over washboard roads. My front calipers have enough wiggle that I can actually wiggle them by hand. I thought "Huh. Thought I tightened those to spec"...But even...
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    Torque spec for input shaft seal 02J?

    Bentley does not mention it (at least not that I was able to find) and Google was not my friend this time.:rolleyes: Maybe just gütenteit?
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    WTB: 02J - prefer DQY or EBJ code

    I've been through two 02Js coded EGR, and have read of others having issues with them too. Of course, I have to at least consider the possibility it's me, but I don't think so. It's also possibly coincidental, but I'm hoping for better durability this time around. Shipping would be to Dewey, AZ...
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    WTB: Shift linkage adjuster dealie

    Y'know: one of these. '03 jetta wagon 02J EGR
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    02J stuck in 4th

    Howdy all. Solution not necessary, just a request for discussion. '03 ALH wagon, 225K miles. This is my second 02J that in a year and a half. Both have had occasional tricky shifting and have required periodic re-adjustment. Re-adjustment usually helps but never quite dead-on: at least one...
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    Oh oh...Blend door jammed.

    Hoping somebody can help me avoid pulling my dash! While replacing my blend door bushing...Felt it engage the blend door and was able to open/close it, so I pushed the bushing hoping to feel a nice "click" into place, but..."click" never came. Pushed harder, thinking "Gee, it didn't take so...
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    Help! Need quick fix for alternator pigtail

    Oh oh... Does anybody know a way to fenagle a short term solution to this problem? My alternator harness is severed and I don't have enough wire to splice it. '03 ALH Wagon, primary transportation. The nearest VW dealer is an hour away and work still has to happen all week. Apologies for the...
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    Help! TTY bolt for dogbone mount

    While investigating a soggy dogbone mount, I found the TTY bolt is stripped (the rubber's intact). I've read various discussion on the use/substitution of Torque To Yield bolts but none specifically for this one. Can I get some opinions on the substitution with a higher grade bolt with thread...
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    Should I use this injection pump?

    Well, my new injection pump showed up in a damaged package - Looks like the end of the shaft punched through the box at some point. It appears to have either been dropped or to have been bouncing around in the truck on the end of the pump shaft. There's no visible damage but about 1/16" of end...
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    Trouble sealing exhaust manifold.

    Brothers and sister, :D I need some help. I'm about to pull my turbo for the third time chasing down what is believed to be an exhaust manifold leak. ("CH-CH-CH" sound at about 12-14psi under load) Although I have done this job on two other occasions with good results, I'm having to look at the...
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    Stripped PS Motor mount *to body/fender/frame*

    1st TB on ALH. While installing the dreaded PS motor mount, I stripped one of the 16mm mount bores in the fender/body. D'oh. Searched and found lots of material on the aluminum mounts and Heli-Coil vs Timeserts, but nothing about this particular bore. Doesn't look like much material for...
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    VW specific software

    Mac user getting ready to partition my drive for Windows so I can use VCDS and ElsaWin. For anyone else using this software with a Mac, how much disc space do you recommend for the partition? Thanks in advance
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    Good guys in Colorado: Dieselland and Kerma

    Going to plug for a couple of guys out here: 1: Paul at Kerma sent me an uncatalogued O-Ring, and he got it to me lightning fast and for cheap. 2: Anuthee (aNut) at Dieselland has always been happy to help. I've been chasing a low-power/crappy mileage issue for months - swapped every sensor...
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    What's a TDI's cat worth?

    Getting rid of a couple cats. Wife's isn't one of 'em. Heard of some folks in Denver getting $100 each for an old cat (ALH), but just had a recycler tell me diesel cats are only worth about $20 because they don't have as much platinum in 'em. He lobbied pretty hard for me to bring 'em in...
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    Semi Limp mode...Now with disturbing noise...

    2003 ALH Wagon occasionally goes into semi-limp mode in top gear at sustained higher boost (pulling hard up long hill or passing on highway, 22-25 PSI). By semi-limp mode, I mean no CEL, boost limited to 12-14 PSI and very slow to accelerate, won't go over 65 or so and power returns with...
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    Toyota Camry timing belt...oh, oh

    In a jam. Posting on Toyota forums too, but suggestions here appreciated. Getting started on timing belt: '94 Camry, 2200, 4 cyl. Removing Right side motor mount and dammit if I didn't round the least accessible of the 3 bolts. There is roughly 1/2" between the fender well and the cap of the...
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    How to re-code ECU for use in another car?

    Howdy folks, Searched to no avail. I had a Malone tune on my '02 (ALH) sedan, now want to use the ECU in my '03 (ALH) wagon and just have the tune files modified instead of buying another expensive tune. Anyone have insight on how to go about re-coding the old ECU so it will work in the newer...
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    WTB: ALH Jetta with blown engine or trans in CO

    Wagon, Sedan, Auto or Manual, just looking for a fairly clean car that needs either an engine or transmission or both. Cheap, of course...:o I can trailer it a couple hundred miles if need be. Thanks!
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    Possible relocation to Oregon Coast

    Oregon beckons...My wife and I are flying into Portland in March for 4 days of exploratory meandering down the coast, Tillamook to Brookings & a day back North via I-5. We're hoping to relocate before snow flies next year, and we have open minds as to where we might end up, but we hope to make...