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    Reset "Inspection now!"

    Clear "Inspection now!" - didn't check in my owner's manual [recently] [Outlined p22-p23 owner's manual, Instrument Cluster and Instrument Panel, Service reminder display.] YMMV - Cheers - Farmboy
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    2015 Golf SE TDI Blue Silk Beige 3 pedals

    2015 Golf SE TDI Blue Silk Beige 3 pedals - my wife joined the A7 club today. She picked the car up from Chris Farnham (3193) in NJ and is now on the way back to MN with it, while I sit at the office toiling away. :)
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    WTB: A4 ALH vnt-15 vnt15 Minnesota

    Never mind - found a turbo NEVER MIND - FOUND A TURBO WTB: A4/alh vnt-15 vnt15 Minnesota I'm checking locally and going through the FS for sale posts in this forum. While I'm at it, just thought I'd post up a WTB Want To By. Anyone have a functional used VNT15 they'd ship to 55431? Or...
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    B4 - Contact Ring and Clamping Washer missing from steering column

    Bentley Picture N94-0025, Section W 94-13 thru W 94-16 Number 13 Contact Ring Number 16 Clamping washer What function do these parts serve? What problems would you expect if they were absent? Why? Because they are missing on my B4 and there has apparently been a long-standing short from...
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    Ignition Switch/Electrical Switch/consecutive failures

    This is probably longer than it should be, hopefully it will at least be clear . . Last summer my wife's 2000 New Beetle TDI 5-speed exhibited occasionall non-start behavior, gradually increasing in frequency, and even died a couple of times. With the no-starts, after 2 or more attempts...
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    WTB: '96 Passat B4 starter, working

    No longer needed: '96 Passat B4 starter, working Prefer used, would consider reman, would consider new, would consider rebuild kit & solenoid, if they can be purchased . . . TIA
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    MAF benchtest bench test for ALH

    Hi 2000 Beetle ALH is performing poorly. VAG-COM shows actual MAF quite low compared to specified. I would like to positively verify MAF fault with a benchtest, but can't find any bench test info. Anyone have baseline/threshold info for resistance across terminals, etc.? Thanks
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    Need How To On Recovery From Engine Runaway

    HELP! Engine Runaway. How do I troubleshoot/diagnose and repair, is there a howto? Just happend in 00 NB TDI w/~ 125k miles, tried searching, perhaps a little to stressed out at the moment, but not finding something concise, lots of tangents, etc. Not sure extent of damage, not sure where to...
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    Feeler: WTB 00 Beetle

    Feeler: WTB 00 Beetle TDI Auto Yellow/Grey Heated Leather Wife may be having clutch issues with left leg. Beetle was what she wanted last time she bought a car, now she doesn't know what she wants . . . I'm cheap and lazy, but tend to do my own work,which means a 'matching' car would be best...
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    Portland, OR - Looking for car rental/rental car advice

    Hi All, Flying into Portland 29 July, 2006 and back out 06 August, 2006. Would LOVE to be able to rent a TDI, or possibly a hybrid, while in the area. Anyone know the Portland car rental options well enough to help me locate something? Thanks!
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    WTB: ALH Intake Manifold

    Hi All Looking for an intake manifold for my 2000 New Beetle. If you have one available, clean or dirty, and it won't break the bank, please reply and/or PM me. Just want to have one on hand so I can swap in quick and either clean my old one at leisure, or 'pay it forward' to another clubber...
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    WTB: 96 (B4) Passat Downpipe for Exhaust

    WTB: 96 (B4) Passat TDI Downpipe for Exhaust Hi All, The Passat I recently bought has the dreaded leaky flex section. I'd like to see if anyone has a NOS/broken/fixed replacement they'd like to give/sell to me. Condition of the scrubber (catalytic converter) is irrelevant to me. I'm in the...
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    WTB: Bentley Manuals for B4 96 Passat Sedan

    BOUGHT: Bentley Manuals for B4 96 Passat Sedan Hi all Recent inductee to the B4 ranks. My A3 & A4 manuals won't help me much. I'm looking for both of the following, new or used: - 2 volume paper - CD I've searched back through the forums to see if anyone currently has either of the above...
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    Beetle MXV4 - 81,000 miles - time for tires

    Hi Apologies in advance for the length. The situation: Wife drives this car 99% of the time on her commute and for her trips here and there. On the occasional road trip or night out, etc., where we are both in the car, I tend to get 50% of the wheel time. She tends to drive like there's a...
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    Difficulty with timing belt/water pump change

    I think I've done my due diligence, reading the Bentley manual, reading the A4 TB change guide listed, researched the forums, etc. I waded into the 60k TB change on my wife's 2000 New Beetle TDi. Still - even after solidly establishing my position as the person who will perform the longest...
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    Avoiding/dealing with accidents

    Anybody have any comments on how to avoid and how to handle either as party to, witness to, or first person on scene. Things I have learned: To Avoid: I (ideally) am always looking for an exit path, using a 2 second (plus) follow rule, constantly aware of the traffic pattern in my mirrors. I...
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    Totaled 98 Jetta

    Help! On 29 November I was car 4 in a 5 car chain reaction on an arterial street in a Minneapolis suburb. I stopped when traffic in front of me stopped and as I was wondering if I had used up too much of the buffer in front of me was rear-ended by a Ranger traveling an estimated 40 MPH at...