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    Honda Civic 2.2 diesel

    Jalopnik have tested the Euro-style Civic with the 2.2 diesel: Part 2 to follow on Feb 16 apparently, with relevant mileage numbers.
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    Subaru Diesel Legacy tests

    Might be of interest: 230393/ and Both give the boxer diesel engine the thumbs-up. 148bhp, 258lb/ft, combined fuel consumption 49.6mpg (Imperial). More poke to come later:D...
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    16 valve heads on TDI: potential power?

    I have searched here but no answer found yet. IIRC, the move to 16 valves on a turbo-diesel has little to do with "breathing" ability, as the turbo provides all the oxygen required, and more, as the engine runs lean. The use of a 4-valve head allows the injector to be placed centrally...
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    Astounding discovery: new diesel engine invented

    I thought you guys might like a little amusement: - “John Matteson, the general manager of Palisades Volkswagen in West Nyack, said he believes "diesel is going to have a strong future in this area. Diesel has a lot of attractive attributes. They get better gas mileage and there are fewer moving...
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    tasty number for Austin Tx residents

    Correspondent here seems to assume enormous HC emissions from diesel buses. Seems a bit odd considering that HC are supposedly higher from gas engines? Perhaps he thinks no-one will notice!
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    worlds largest?

    Here's a new oil plant: To be followed by more it says.
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    Honda moving in on the UK diesel market

    Thought this might be of interest: From Detroit News" LANGLEY, England — Honda Motor Co. plans to introduce three more models fitted with diesel engines in Europe following strong sales of the diesel-equipped Accord since its introduction in the region in December. Honda plans to market diesel...
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    Diesel makes for more smog

    Cited in the Grauniad today: A reference to a submission by Jacobson et al in Geophysical Research Letters, which seems to argue (I haven't got access to the full article) that despite controls on new diesels for oxides of nitrogen and...
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    Gas to liquid plant

    FYI: Shell have trumpeted a large scale GTL plant to be built in Quatar. Sounds quite useful re potential reduction in some emissions. See
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    dual purpose oils:gas/diesel

    A question was raised in discussion elsewhere about oil for a UK Rover with BMW engine. Are oils meeting ACEA, both "A series" and "B series" of adequate spec. for a diesel? I'd always assumed that a diesel specific oil is preferable. Some people argue that dual-spec oils are common, and...
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    Biodiesel getting a plug in UK

    Little snippet of information in the Manchester Guardian:,3604,816052,00.html Seems a bit cavalier re methanol: isn't it a trifle dodgy if residues remain in the fuel, not to mention fire/toxicity risk in handling.
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    Biodiesel in UK

    It's not much, but its a start! UK users may be interested in this site: for details. Apparently the 5% is the max at present, in their words - "Greenergy GlobalDiesel complies with engine manufacturers' warranty...
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    What's behind the green door?

    What\'s behind the green door? I mean the "black hole". How about having an 0pen day, so we, the excluded, can take a peek?
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    Brake fade - first start of the day

    Recently I experienced apparent brake failure, when trying out the brakes. This was after car was stood outside overnight. Really heavy brake pressure needed as if no assistance from servo? Car is a Passat B5. Weather has been coldish: -1C, which has brought out the gritters in force. Brakes...
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    Diesel - European style

    see - how it can be done! See the quality reviews: there might be some comments from the knowledgable. Maybe Greenergy could expand a little?
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    Vento (Jetta) suspension - replacing dampers

    Can't decide whether to replace all dampers, or rears only. Advice I've been given by a VW dealer is that rears go first. Suggested only rear set be replaced. Vehicle has 53k on the clock and wallows like ****. I'd thought that it would be best to replace the lot at one go, but could be...
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    UK oil analysis kits

    Hi Does anyone have an address in the UK for a sampling kit, and analysis lab? I've recently changed oil in my Passat, using Mobil 1 diesel oil, and I'd like to benchmark the current position (and check the dealer has put in the oil I supplied!). thankx
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    Koni on passat B5 - any snags?

    Hi Anyone out there with expereience of AmD of Oddington? I'm thinking of having Koni Sport dampers fitted (and suspension set-up) to make the Passat steer where I want to to! AmD seem to have been active with VW/Audi, but I haven't seen anything specific about their overall ability. As there...
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    Audi A2 30,000 m oil change interval

    This is to the tribologists among us. Or anone else who knows! According to UK mag. "Autocar" the new A2 3-cylinder 75 hp diesel has oil change intervals of 30,000m. How do Audi manage this?
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    suitable diesely oils available in UK?

    Hi I've read the FAQ and toured a few retailers, but can't find anything locally rated above CF, never mind CH-4. Do any UK TDI'ers have a specific recommendation for a UK available oil, before my dealer puts in a petrol-rated oil in my used Passat (they're all the same nowadays, guv) thanks...