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    Water Pump replace w/out removing engine mount

    Jetta ALH Is is possible to replace the water pump without removing the engine mount. I did a timing belt with a 200,000 mile kit with water pump and the pump just started leaking after 25,000 mile. I am hoping to replace just the pump and reuse the old belt. I have the tools and did the...
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    divorce and title transfer

    My 2009 Jetta TDI is wife's name. Title and registration. We are getting a divorce soon. We have owned it since new. I would like to keep the car for myself because I love it and it has treated me well for 150,000 miles. Our divorce agreement has two options: 1. We opt for the buyout...
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    HPFP Failure?

    My 2009 Jetta TDI has been disabled for more than two month now. It started in early February will intermittent lack of throttle response. After changing the fuel filter, the problem persisted. It would come and go and sometimes I couldn’t accelerate at a red light. Then all of a sudden...
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    Intake Manifold Flap Actuator, Cheap Fix

    On my 2009 Jetta TDI, I started seeing a CEL with a P2015 code (Intake Manifold Flap Actuator, Circuit Range) about a year ago. After clearing it with, it kept coming back. I ran it with the CEL for many months, but I needed an inspection sticker, so I needed to act on it. I pulled...
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    new timing belt not centered on pulleys

    I just completed my second belt on my 2001 tdi, using the drivbiwire procedure. He discusses bumping, (pulsing the starter) to center the belt on the camshaft pulley. After many bumps, the belt position is at the edge of the pulley, closest to the engine (about 2.5 mm from the center). I...
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    Heater Core Replacement Alternative

    It appears that my second Mk4 needs a heater core replacement. I thought this was rare! Having experienced the replacement, I have been giving advice, “Just Do It”, but I don’t feel like doing it right now. My second is not my favorite, because it drinks gas. Bad boy!!! So, I am...
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    WTB: Worn EGR Valve, MK4

    Looking for a used EGR Valve, to use the housing for a stealth EGR. If you have replaced yours because of weeping oil from the actuator holes, I am interested in purchasing your old unit. Thanks
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    Occasional first gear grind

    Well maybe not grinding, but slight noise, when shifting into first while stopped. Happens about 10 % of the time. Any ideas? This is on my favorite, the 2001 Jetta TDI, which has 160 Kmiles. Fluid was changed last year. I have never bled or flushed the clutch cylinders. Thanks,
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    Rear Axle Bushing Pressing Tool, available for use

    I just did my first Rear Axle bushing job on one of my MK4 Jettas. After reading and hearing how difficult the pressing operation was, I decided to machine up a pressing tool. I purchased the bushings from IDParts, which were made by Febi-Bilstein. They looked (and measured) the same as the...
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    test drive without dashboard

    I am considering a test drive without the dash after replacing the heater core. 2001 Jetta. I would connect most electrical interfaces, as in cluster, steering column switches, air bags, head light switch, etc. Dangleing connectors would be, glove box light, cigarette lighter and two...
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    heater core replacement. Disconnect Refrigerant Lines?

    I have a 2001 Jetta and I am in the middle of the Heater Core Replacement. The best source for a procedure can be found on, and this is what I have been following. Pretty good procedure, but it is suited for a different type of heater box than I have. This procedure describes...
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    steering wheel removal problem

    I started on the dreaded heater core replacement today. Getting cold here in new england. Can't get past step one, steering wheel removal. I am inserting the screwdriver in the rear as bently suggests, and I feel the action of moving the spring lever, but the airbag does not come loose...
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    trusted mechanic list

    Is there a list on the tdiclub of trusted mechanics? My sister is looking for someone in the Burlington Mass area to bring her 2000 Passatt, gasser. She is complaning of a significant front end noise, while slipping the clutch from a standstill. As always, she brought it to the dealer, and it is...
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    N75 bench test with vacuum

    Hi, I have an N75 on the bench from my 2001 ALH. With the mityvac attached to the 'vac' port and fingers on the other two ports, I can not pull a vacuum. I suspect that this is an internal leak on the N75. Opinions? thanks, George
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    buying a new 2009 jetta with the clunker bill

    Lucky for me I have a qualifying clunker. How soon before the 2010's TDI's are avilable? Golf? How is the availability of 2009 stick shifts? Is it possible to negiciate price on a 2009? thanks,
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    Looking for a rear axle, 2001 Jetta

    Its hard to believe that I forgot to set my brake in the driveway, and it is even harder to believe that the wheels were locked in a position that set its path straight for the fire hydrant. Given the pitch of the driveway, the rear left quarter took a significant hit. The wheel is rotated...
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    how many members are in the

    I am comparing our club to my workmates Subaru club. His has 22,000 members and 120 are on line right now? How many members do we have? thanks,
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    coolant temp sensor, theory of operation

    I am looking at my new, green, coolant temperature sensor and I would like to know if anyone has a pinout diagram. I suspect that two of the 4 pins are for an RTD and the other 2 are for a contact closure thermostat. I would like to be able to bench test the sensor with a multimeter. How...
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    2001, won't start, have VAG fault codes, help!!

    I have a 2001 Jetta, 135,000 miles, that wont start with the following engine faults 16764 - Glow Plug/Heater (Q6) Circuit: Malfunction P0380 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent 17664 - Engine Coolant Temp Sensor (G62): Open or Short to Plus P1256 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent 17965 - Charge Pressure...
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    dangling turbo actuator

    2001 Jetta. I was under the car the other day and I noticed the actuator that controls the turbo boost valve is dangling. Could a mounting bracket be rusted out? Anyone have this experience. How would this affect performance? Other symptom is limp mode after hard acceleration...