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    Significant Hesitation At Speed

    TDI friends, First off, I must admit I am a novice…hopefully I can put together enough information for an informed discussion. The last few months my 2005 TDI Passat has had a hesitation/lurching issue. This is generally felt most significantly at speeds of around 50+ MPH while going up a...
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    WTB: Wheels for '05 Passat Wagon

    I am looking to purchase a set of 4 wheels for my 2005 Passat TDI wagon. They will be used with snow tires, and as I understand it, I need 16x7. dieB4sel
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    '96 TDI Passat Wagon B4 For Sale

    I am preparing to sell this car in the very near future. Still getting a handle on pricing but thought I would put it on TDI Club first. It is a sweet car and has been good to me but a "young thang" TDI wagon has my attention and thus need to sell what I have. I am located in Tacoma WA. I will...
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    Window Interior Removal for B4

    Help! I am part way through removing the driver side interior so that I can replace the regulator. I have seen several posts to remove interior, and even though these were for different models/years, much of it is similar but not exactly the same. I am at the stage where it appears as though...
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    To Nozzle or Not to Nozzle

    I have been searching several forums for a while now to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of increasing nozzle size. My intentions are to improve fuel economy, and when I do tow my Hobie-cat sailboat, make that just a bit more zippy (its already pretty good). In case it makes a...
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    Exhaust Down Pipe 96 Passat

    Recently the timing belt was changed on my car (113k miles)performed by one of our members (very cool to watch). He suggested I also replace the down pipe of the exhaust as it is likely congested. On my car the down pipe appears to be an integrated unit from the manifold to the "catalyst"...