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    Cam shaft sensor code, EMC ISSUE???

    Cam shaft sensor code, ECM ISSUE??? Hi all, I have a 2001 VW NB...with a 1.8 turbo engine. It won't start and throws a code for the Cam Shaft Position Sensor. I have replaced the sensor, cleared the codes and still no luck. I get 5 volts from pin #1 to pin #3 as I'm supposed to. I get 10 volts...
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    OverHeat, Melted Baffle, Turbocharger??

    Hi All, Bought a 2001 VW Beetle with a 1.8 Turbo engine...With issues. I knew this going in... Found a coolant hose off the manifold at the back of the engine...repaired and installed all new coolant... Found the crankcase vent line mushy, almost melted....The where the crankcase vent valve...