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    2013 TDI Tune exhaust questions

    Mines been deleted for a little over a year, I used darkside for the dp, its 3" turbo back, mec evo egr+asv delete, intake flaps removed and my tuning is done by mrtuning (malone tune had issues that they blamed on me which martin fixed). The car was a night and day difference and gets better...
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    Who's the guy behind this?

    out of curiosity have yall seen the guy with the old bug british cup car and a cuaa motor? Ran pikes and almost held the title of fastest diesel time but chuckles "old smoky" beat him out by like a second or so, its on hoonigans yt channel. very interesting build!!
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    Rawtek EGR/DPF Delete...which setup?

    no, have been using mobile delvac esp 5w30 for about 12k miles. Unpopular opinion but I felt that without the emissions I couldn't justify the need to keep sourcing stuff that for the most part was developed for longevity of equipment I no longer have. The car doesn't seem to mind as the oil...