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    FS BNIB PD ARL cylinder head

    I received this from the dealer when they supplied me with some incorrect bolts which caused a few threads to be stripped on my head, I got away without using it in the end, and I don't see me needing it in the future so may as well sell it It's for a UK spec 1.9 PD, ARL, ASZ etc The head is...
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    Petrol exhaust on a TDi? Anyone done it?

    Glad you got sorted mate! Who is this tuner you are talking about?
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    Petrol exhaust on a TDi? Anyone done it?

    Go for it, like everyone has said it will be fine! And as for the guy who said his wouldn't start I would probably disregard anything else he has ever said too as he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about ;)
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    My 91 GTI 8 valve to B4 1Z TDI swap

    That's really bad news mate:( I hope the insurance are good to you!!
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    My AHU Corrado VNT GT1749va Turbo Build Thread

    I'm sure I've read somewhere that you tried to fit a mk3 tdi fuel tank to the corrado or was that someone else, can't seem to find the info in this thread? Just wondering what issues stopped you from using the tdi tank, if in fact it was you who tried?
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    where now? remap skoda fabia vrs tdi

    Hi Scott, What is it you are wanting to do exactly, just a remap? Or more? What sort of gains are you wanting and do you have a budget in mind? If it's just a remap then John at bigfish tuning is the best I know of around the north east, I can find a link for his website if you want. I work...
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    Flywheel rebalancing...

    Hi Ash :) Try these guys, AMAC 01609779600 know a few people who have used them and they are supposed to be awesome ;)
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    Speed Creations performance short blocks coming soon but first....

    Sounds interesting! Good luck with the project and with rebuilding your business!
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    GROUP BUY- SouthBend SILENT TDI Solid Flywheel & Clutch Kits

    Keeping my eye on how you guys like these once installed, looks like a good option if I don't like my SPEC kit ;) Good job again by the looks of it Ry, well done!
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    PD cams

    From what I've read about Frank he seems like a decent guy offering some good products and services, however no one is perfect, and misunderstandings do happen. Creating a dumb assed thread like this is just a waste of time, no one is going to avoid dealing with Frank because of this thread, if...
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    anyon help me please?

    They are the same thing just different methods, if your car is mapped then you don't need it 'chipping' Older cars that you can't map over OBD get 'chipped' instead.
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    Newman Cam for PD130

    Roughly how much do Newman charge for the cam and lifters?
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    Warranty Ripoff By CUSTOMER

    I bet the douche that has the other side to this story won't come forward to tell it though, you know why?? Cos he knows he's a lying scumbag ;)
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    Ryan P's Euro TDI Parts - Intakes, TIP's, R32 DSG Snorkles, Turbo's, Injectors etc

    I did sort of lol, been contemplating a big power petrol build but I figured I've got to put this lump in something useful first, otherwise I'd be a failure :o And if I do decide to sell, the engine, turbo etc will sell easier if its in a car and can be seen running/driven etc I've still got a...
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    Ryan P's Euro TDI Parts - Intakes, TIP's, R32 DSG Snorkles, Turbo's, Injectors etc

    Hi Ry :) Not been around much lately, kinda lost interest in it all for a while there, good to see your enthusiasm hasn't faltered like mine lol, what's the pricing like on the rear mk2 mounts? I don't actually own a mk2 anymore but I'm getting a corrado very soon ;)
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    DS: PD150 Cylinder Head - Ported & Polished

    Bit more info might help mate, what's been done and who by etc, standard valves or larger?
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    MK2 8v Gti PD conversion, GTB2260VK/Bosio R783's

    Ah right cool! Yeah mate still same number, ending 686. Exciting bits??
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    MK2 8v Gti PD conversion, GTB2260VK/Bosio R783's

    Hey Ash mate, Been waiting for you to get in touch and ask if it was on the road yet lol I'm getting a nice little 4 seater coupe towards the end of this month ;), just goin to enjoy driving it for a bit before I do anything with it, well I may put the koni's and wilwoods on it :p Goin to be...
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    MK2 8v Gti PD conversion, GTB2260VK/Bosio R783's

    Sorry guys not been on here for a while, kinda fell out with the whole project. I've sold the mk2 shell to a mate who is going to turn it into a road legal track car, due to family life and work getting in the way I just don't have the time or enthusiasm to go any further with this one :( I'm...