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    Purchase Advice Needed - 2012 Touareg vs. Audi Q7

    How many miles were on the the car? Insurance totaled my 2014 JSW TDI after Halloween crash, and I’m taking a hard look at the Touareg TDI. Your price was great, and if it’s CPO that means it was under 75K miles, I’m just wondering how many miles under? Having a hard time finding a CPO 2012 TDI...
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    Does anyone have installed remote starter 2015 Golf?

    For what it's worth... My daughter skates at 5:30 a.m. In the Chicago winter, I get up just before 5, go outside, start the car, turn the heated seats on, crank the fan up to high, and let the car run. By the time we get in, 17-20 minutes later, it's warm. I know it's wrong, but between the...
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    Terms of Settlement Agreement: Buy End of Lease?

    Thank you for info...wheels are in motion!! Will post as things progress...
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    Terms of Settlement Agreement: Buy End of Lease?

    Clone, could you send me info, as well? Or post it? On the fence with my lease ending 07/05. Does anyone know if it's possible to do this if loan is taken out for buyout? Doesn't seem likely but thought I'd ask... Also, can "gift" be made to husband?