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  1. The Horak

    Can't turn off AC on defrost

    Hey guys. I'm just curious if this happens with you too. My Jetta turns on the air conditioner automatically when I set the climate control to defrost. I know that it does that. But when I click the button to turn off AC, the light turns off. The AC still runs, though. Whether or not the light...
  2. The Horak

    I gave too much throttle in reverse

    Hey guys. I had my 2004 Jetta 5-speed in reverse today and I gave it more than I should have. Now my reverse gear is noticeably louder and putting the shifter into 1st is stiffer. The other gears are fine. Nothing grinds and none of the gears pop out with too much throttle. I just don't know...
  3. The Horak

    Suspension rebuild equals terrible alignment

    Hey guys, I'm sure this is a no-brainer, but is it possible that steering alignment can be unbelievably terrible after a front-end rebuild? I'm talking bad. Positive camber that's noticeable on the driver wheel negative camber and toe out that's very noticeable on the passenger wheel. Granted, I...
  4. The Horak

    Rear Axle Bushings

    Hey guys, I've got an '04 Jetta. I am redoing the entire suspension, so I was thinking that the rear axle bushings would be a good thing to change, as well. After doing research online, it looks like it could be a terrible job to get involved with. Now, I don't have any noticeable issues with my...
  5. The Horak

    Has anyone used this strut tool?

    Just bought Its an interesting tool, and kinda cheap. Has anyone seen these before?
  6. The Horak

    G40 and G28 issues

    Hey guys. I've got a BEW that's will stall out sometimes and then not want to start. I'm hoping to get some advice. First off, here is what I get from VCDS: Engine Module Codes: OBD II Code: So it looks like my Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) is bad and my Crank Sensor. My guess is that the...
  7. The Horak

    What do you think of this? Do you think this is a useful purchase? I know that when I get an alaignment, My car isn't quite right... I'm doing a suspension change anyway.
  8. The Horak

    Technical Sway Bar Question (Proceed with Caution)

    Hey guys, I've been doing my research, and I think I've become confused. So here's my imaginary scenario: A 2004 Jetta is taking a left turn at high speed. The driving line is good, speed is good, steering input is good, braking method is good. With all of this, the car naturally wants to...
  9. The Horak

    Ever put a new Cat on BEW stock downpipe?

    So, has anyone ever done this? I want to replace my cat, but I don't wanna buy a new downpipe if I don't need to. Has anyone done this, and how did you do it? Thanks.
  10. The Horak

    Intake and Valve cleanimg

    Hey guys, I've read a few people say that the BEW doesn't need the intake cleaned, but others say it does. I've got 240k on mine and I'm curious. Also, what about the intake valves themselves? I ask because my wife's GTI needs an intake carbon cleaning, and she has 90k. It's got me curious and...
  11. The Horak

    Muted muffler or resonator?

    Hey all, I know this is a common topic, but j haven't found too many people that want to replace their stock muffler with something that will flow better but have a more muted tone than most cat-backs. Any suggestions for something quieter while still sounding tuned?
  12. The Horak

    Advice for cam and lifter replacement?

    Hello everyone, I come here to soak up wisdom and experience from others who are greater than I. So, pretty much everyone, haha. My camshaft is bad. Getting that loud popping noise out of my air box, and I looked at the cam. I can see and feel flat spots and there's a nice copper color on the...
  13. The Horak

    Exhaust Leak = Smoke?

    Hey guys, something let go last night, and I've got an exhaust leak, I think. I still have some power, though. So I don't think it's at the downpipe or the turbo. I have more power than when my lower EGR pipe broke. I think I lost a manifold pipe coming off a cylinder. But I get a nice cloud of...
  14. The Horak

    bew injector nozzle procedure

    I'm sorry if there's a good thread for this, but I can't find one. So I was hoping anyone here has done an injector nozzle replacement on the BEW and can tell me what it was like. Any write-ups? Does anyone know some tricks to this job? Thank you.
  15. The Horak

    My Jetta is possessed! This is a good read.

    Hi everyone! I'm starting this thread more to document this issue for others to benefit from, but seeing as I'm still fixing the issue, any advice is appreciated. On my way home yesterday my engine started to make a terrible noise. I noticed it at idle, but the noise continued as I drove. Being...
  16. The Horak

    Replacing Vacuum Lines

    Hey there. Has anyone replaced all the vacuum lines on their BEW? How much of each diameter hose do I need? Anyone have a BEW diagram? Thanks in advance!
  17. The Horak

    BEW timing belt change Difficult?

    Hi there everyone. I am getting to the point where I need to change my timing belt soon on my 04 Jetta and I want to try doing it myself. But I never changed a timing belt before. My knowledge of car repair is on a need-to-know basis. As I have issues or problems, I learn what to do to fix or...
  18. The Horak

    Oil pouring from EGR Valve

    Hey guys, I was hoping that you all could help me decide the best course of action for me to take. My 2004 BEW seems like it has a lot of oil leaking out of the gasket to the EGR valve. It is dirty-ing up the intake manifold. It seems like its a lot, though! I cleaned it, and I saw some oil...
  19. The Horak

    I hear a new stupid noise...

    Hey everyone, I know how difficult these threads can be to help with, but I hear a new noise when I drive my car. It sounds similar to the noise you hear when a car needs new brakes. like metal squealing. Not that it has to be metal, but that is the only way I know to explain it. I hear it at...
  20. The Horak

    Are all MK4 steering wheels interchangeable?

    I saw a used, good shape, 2000 Beetle steering wheel for sale, and I was wondering if it will fit onto my 2004 Jetta without the need to modify anything. Can anyone help?