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    01 Golf Tdi 5 sp IL

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    Soot and oil on turbo and turbo piping (pics inside)

    I recently started getting a loud exhaust leak noise. While searching for the leak I found some soot on the vnt actuator and oil seeping out of the intake piping. See pics below. The exhaust leak turned out to be a bad injector seal. That is fixed now. Should I be concerned? Car has 232k...
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    DIY and advice on egr delete

    Guys and girls, My car has the egr tuned out but the egr is still there. I am looking to remove the egr, cooler, and the associated lines. All while I clean up the intake. Can I make my own "delete kit"? It looks like it is just a hose and some plates to block off? Any words of wisdom before...
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    MK4 sputtering under load

    looking for some help. I noticed my car is a little lower on power but contributed it to the cold and illinois diesel. However i also noticed recently that if i am in a lower rpm (say around 2k) and floor it, there is some sputtering. Almost like an exhaust leak. Im planning on pulling the...
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    $2 Caps for front axle nut!

    Gents, I noticed my front axle nuts getting rusty after i swapped my wheels out for my winter set that leave it exposed. Most of you know the rear wheels are sealed with a cap, however this does not fit the front. At the parts store today i was able to come up with a $2 solution! I ended up with...
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    replaced antenna mast and now crappy signal

    Guys, I replaced my factory mast on my 01 golf the other day and now i get far less signal than before. My factory unit was missing a seal and rusting so a threw it out :mad:. The new "bora" unit came in and was a nice looking unit, looked just like factory. I live out in the sticks so...
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    New Beetle OEM Roof Bars

    Ladies and gents, I have a set of OEM roof bars for a VW new beetle. They are in good shape no major scratches or dents. All the hardware is included. Price is $150 obo. Can be picked up in northern IL area or ill ship them at the buyers expense. Paypal or Cash monies in hand. Thanks.
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    Looking for low rise roof rack or basket

    Guys/Girls, Im looking for roof rack bars that are lower than the oem set of bars for a mk4 golf 4-door. I am trying to attach a basket to my roof so a basket that directly attaches to the car without the bars is also an option. please help!
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    change feet for roof rack?

    Hey guys i just picked up a roof rack set for my golf tonight. It was on CL and a deal i couldnt pass up. However the roof rack was for a VW new beetle (01). I am hoping i can just purchase the feet to put on my 01 golf 5 door. I was told the rack was thule but it appears to be OEM. There are...
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    Thoughts on EGR and Shutter Valve Delete

    Im looking at pulling my intake off and cleaning it before it gets too cold here. While i have it off is it worth deleting the EGR/shutter valve/EGR cooler? My car already has it tuned out but hasnt been removed yet. I want to keep my intake clean and reduce some of the vacuum tubing. Whats...
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    Golf Build- something different....

    Hello all, I recently picked up my 01 TDI off a member here. The transaction was anything less than easy on my end and the seller was more than helpful. I drove the car back from Ohio to Chicago. Took about 5 hours and managed 49 mpg. Got the car home and started figuring out what i wanted to...
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    Can you use Vagcom on Chromebook running Ubuntu?

    I was on groupon today and purchased a Acer C7 chrome book when shortly after i realized that i cannot use Vagcom with it (im new cut me a break). However i saw online that you can run the chromebook with Ubuntu which will allow it to run a modified windows operating system. Will this work with...
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    where can i find this weather stripping?

    Looking for the outside strip and the inside strip for the drivers side. Car is a 01 golf 4 door.