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    Anyone successfully used the $2k loyalty to trade out a TDI?

    Stopped by the dealer today to get an estimate of the 40k service, the big one. While there I was looking at a few gas options. Started taking to the salesman. Picked out a Tiguan and started working the numbers. The car started at the internet price then added my $2000 loyalty to it. Numbers...
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    Fs: Rcd-510

    Sold! Recently pulled from my 2013 JSW. Includes radio, radio code and owners manual. Photos of actual radio. Asking $350 shipped.
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    Is the VW MAF really that fragile?

    Ok, I'll risk getting flamed but I'm going to start another K&N filter thread because all the searches hit this site and everyone talks about how it destroys the MAF. I'm at the point where I have to replace the air filter on my 2011 VW TDI outside the included maintenance plan. As I have done...
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    FS: Corn Silk Beige Seat Trays

    Sold! Brand new pair of Corn Silk Beige seat trays MK VI Jetta's and Golfs. Complete with all mounting hardware. Car was totaled last month by a deer and the replacement has black interior. My loss is your gain! $150 shipped. Payment by Paypal. Local pick in DFW welcome.
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    FS: DFW RNS 315 Nav and MDI adapter

    From new 2014 JSW. I went aftermarket. RNS 315 NAV Radio with serial# and radio code. MDI adapter and attached pocket from armrest. Sorry, no cables or harness as they have to stay with the car for my new radio to work:D $700 shipped. Payment by Paypal. Local pick in DFW welcome.
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    Speedometer not reading correctly

    The other day on the highway I had my cruise set for 70mph. I looked at my speedo and it was around 73-74. I paged thru the MFD and pulled up the current speed and it showed 70. After that I left it ther and noticed my speedometer was progressively off starting at about 40mph MFD=40. Speedo=41...
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    Auto unlock with ignition off?

    Is this not available with kessy? I tried both settings in vcds and it works the same way. Regardless of the setting unlock occurs when one of the front doors is open. On my other dubs without kessy I can program to unlock when the ignition is off/key removed.
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    What MFD changes with an aftermarket radio?

    I have a '13 JSW and getting ready to throw out the crappy rns315. The dealer was unable to install an RCD or RNS 510 due to components(bluetooth and compass) and wiring harnesses not being present. So I am going aftermarket. I have a Pioneer Z130BT and the PAC RP4V-W11 interface with SWI. I...
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    Push button start issue?

    My new jsw came with the kessey or whatever it's called. But I'm not sure if its working correctly or I'm using correctly. In our kia you press and release the button with you foot on the brake and it starts the car. If you leave your foot off the brake you press and release the button once and...
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    Which bluetooth device to pair?

    I just tried to pair my phone with my new 2013 JSW. It listed 4 devices while the car was on as VW Phone VW Phone PLXDevice-xxxxx xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Seemed odd to see all these listed from my car. Especially the PLXDevice as I thought that was an OBD bluetooth adapter. Does that mean my car has...
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    Junk radio in '13 JSW!

    Last week I "upgraded" my '12 Jetta TDI Sedan to a '13 JSW TDI. And am totally supprised at the junk radio I got! I'm even more suprised at the false market materials from VW and the incorrect information from the dealer. I knew going into it I wasn't going to get the Fender audio, but would...
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    Overhead console wiring diagram

    Anyone have access to wiring diagrams for the overhead console in a 2012? I'm simply looking 12v accessory and couldn't locate it. I was looking at wiring up one of those homelink mirrors and it seems the wiring is a no go! I'm simply looking 12v accessory and couldn't locate it. I spent 2 hours...
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    2013 gets lower mileage?

    My wife is thinking of trading her car in for a JSW after seeing the mileage of 40+ I'm getting in my NCS. Doing a little shopping we noticed the 2012 show 42 highway and the 2013 is only shown to be 39. Is this just a mistake or has something changed?
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    Sunroof doesn't close

    Wondering if this is a common problem or if there is something I need to re-sync if you use the comfort close feature. Essentially I open the sunroof, not tilt. When I go to close it gets about 1/2 way then it "bumps" and starts to open again. I do have the comfort feature enabled and used it a...
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    Rear fogs

    Has anyone installed the rear fog option? I was looking at the lights from ECS and thinking of just doing the left light. It looks like the stock light, but wanted to confirm what others have installed.
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    ECU Swapping

    Anyone know if you can obtain a second ECU and be able to swap it on an '11-'12 Jetta TDI? I have a '12 Jetta TDI with DSG. I also have a spare ECU from an '11 Jetta TDI with DSG, essentially was the same car. I was hoping to be able to use my spare ECU to send off to be tuned, and keep the...
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    Factory splash guards keep scrapping

    Car came with the mudflaps installed when purchased. It seems I keep scrapping these things pulling into driveways, going over speed bumps and dips in the road. I upgraded the wheels giving me a little more clearance by about 1/2" but still scrapping. Dealer says car height and suspension are...
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    FS: New stock 16 inch TDi wheels and tires

    FS: New stock VW 2012 Jetta TDI 16 inch wheels and tires SOLD! Brand new take off from my 2012 Jetta tdi. Set of 4 16 inch alloy wheels, Mambo?, with new stock Hankook Optimo H725A tires 205/55-16. Wheels and tires were never driven on except by the factory and transport to the dealer. Car had...
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    Rear Alignment issues

    So I got new tires and had an alignment check on my 2012 with 4500 miles. The rear toe was out of alignment and it was essentially described that I am dragging the wheels turned slightly to the left. But I was told there was no adjustments and the shop said to return to the dealer. So I called...
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    New changes for 2012 Jetta TDI

    I was just on VW's (US) site and for fun went thru the build and price for my car. I was surprised to see that my exact car was now $2000 cheaper AND included the following standard features that I did not get. "Thatcham" wheel locks Leather-wrapped, multi-function steering wheel with shifter...