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    Oil pan

    Hey Everyone, so I have a oil leak and I have this plastic piece under my oil pan and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be lose when I move it, could that be the cause of the oil leak?
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    Catless downpipe

    Hello! Does anyone know any websites that make catless downpipes for ahu tdi’s because I’ve been trying to look around and couldn’t find anything.
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    Egr delete kit

    I’ve been looking lately for egr delete kits for my 98’ AHU and I’m only seeing them for the ALH. Are the egr valves same for both? If so I’ll just buy the Alh one
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    P0380 Glow plug Heater malfunction

    Didn’t know how to start a thread but I found out now lol. So basically I bought 98’ Jetta Tdi Ahu with a p0380 code. The previous owner stated that he had problem with a glow plug going out so he replaced the plugs, wiring harness, fuses and relays. He told me everything was running good after...