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    Adblue Light Came On, Tank Is 3/4 Full

    Bet the DEF is Frozen....or a few short trips let the heating element melt the DEF around it.... My suggestion...try to top it off... The heated garage should help lots... maybe even some extra heat in the tank.area (heating pad or space heater nearby, carefully of course)....or maybe a longer...
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    Low on oil, dark in color and seeming like excessive vapors in valve cover.

    Ash is the byproduct of oil collects in the emissions system, eventually destroying it. All oils used for Diesel engines that have emissions switched to low or ultra low ash oils to extend the life of the emissions systems....some manufacturers, like VW are much more aggressive in...
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    Low on oil, dark in color and seeming like excessive vapors in valve cover.

    Stop and take a breath.... Wrong oil is better than no oil...and the wrong oil is more of a longer term issue, mostly due to emissions system, and ash from when it burns. You are due for an oil change, do it. Rotella is a good diesel oil, but usually not on the list of VW oils, greatly debated...
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    Need an opinion on a 2015 Passat

    Junk it...or plan on a motor. Everything has been abused, overheated, and done several times. Don't spend a dime on fixing the engine....
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    -20 and car won’t even turn starter. Always does this. Why?

    Dumb question...maybe not... At -20 is it likely that when the glow plugs are done heating, the battery is too weak to crank? Had that happen to me in much newer 2015 Jetta. When the battery gave up the ghost on a trip to buffalo a couple of winter's ago, not even a JUMP start/jump-pack with a...
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    Frozen exhaust fluid

    Just reread it...looks like the countdown reset itself? Sounds like a longer drive fixed it...just like so many TDI issues. These cars were made to be driven, and they thrive with longer trips...short trips are very tough on them. Letting the run a bit more will surely help...if I remember the...
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    Frozen exhaust fluid

    Typically def is melted as the heater runs (when and if it freezes, that's what HD truck companies say, and then say frozen DEF is a non issue) with lots of short trips it melted a cavity around the element in the DEF.(or the heating element is burnt out.. maybe both)..... I would careful...
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    tdi jetta potential buyer

    Insert joke here about brown tdi wagon from automotive journalist... Jokes aside....seems kinda high...
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    Diesel Battery, have I just dodged a bullet?

    So you are thinking of keeping a leaking acid bomb around?! Get rid if it ASAP... It's nothing but a dangerous mess.
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    Question on DEF & Emission System

    Drive more... Worry less... You have an 11 year 160k warranty...
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    Adding De-Gel to Fuel Tank

    Read the bottle... The white power service is a preventative... The RED, is a gel meltdown mix, and know my Diesel mechanic when I drive a truck for s few years says you might get 2-3 uses out if it before engine issues... usually injector pumps or the's a mix that unfortunately...
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    Been noticing a slow but certain decrease in fuel mileage

    Winter fuel has less BTU's, aka less energy per gallon, just like bio-and bio-blend Diesel fuel.... Winter fuel in some areas is a blend of #1&#2 Diesel or is chemicaly treated (there are limits).... similarly a diesel will burnore fuel just the heat how much longer your cars stays...
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    Diesel oil on concrete driveway

    Liquid tide and lime in a paste seems to be the fix for spots if I remember correctly... But will take weeks of it take it in all summer if you are lucky. Look around, there are some commercial mixes ti remove spot's, but if I recall the tide and lime was the diy one that people used...
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    Battery upgrade DIY

    The window on a battery that glows green ONLY tells you if the battery is charged enough to test... honestly it pretty useless. It can be a bad battery with a bad cell, and still glow. It only tells you the state of charge based on the acid, not what the battery is capable of based on the...
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    ///// Sound deadening / sound proofing car /////

    Over the years there have been many posts on this... My take ... don't spray extra stuff and in side or outside, you will catch dirt, block drains and cause huge rust issues. What works, is to add adhesive backed sound deadening mass panels to bare metal areas inside the cabin, then multi layer...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    Drive a truck for a few years... We had a 2 inch nozzle with a high flow pump at our company's yard.... would fill up a 150 gallon tank in just a couple minutes. Was awesome on a cold Windy Wisconsin Winter day!! Typical I avoid the truck islands because the fuel is typically priced...
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    this doesn't make sense - OD rollback 2001 Golf TDI

    Seems it should have been in for at least ONE recall in its life...
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    A/C condenser replacment

    Rockauto is just like NAPA.... you can buy good stuff or complete junk.... It's all about how good people are at determining WHAT they are buying, cheap aftermarket trash, good aftermarket or OEM. You get EXACTLY what you are paying for.
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    Trying to add 2nd battery in the trunk 2015 passat tdi

    Unfortunately they charge at different voltage best..... I wouldn't do it... mixing battery types. Return it, get two good ones of the same type.
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    Old diesel fuel shelf life?

    Diesel, unlike gasoline doesn't need them. Keep it dry, dark, and sealed, life is pretty much forever. Modern unleaded gas lasts 30 days or so....that's why people add additives. Unlsealed, condensation can occur...due to natrual changes in temperature and air movement. If you start with dry...