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    FS: 2002 Jetta TDI (better sell as driver or part out?)

    So I have a 2002 Jetta TDI 5-speed manual with almost 319,000 miles that is still an everyday driver, but I've put in so many new parts in the last few years I'm debating whether it's worth more sold for parting out or as a driver. I bought it in CT with 224,638 miles on it in November of...
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    Slow to start when parked on angles, then lots of smoke

    So I've had starting issues for several months now and it has consistently been when the car is parked at pretty much any angle other than level. I have to turn it over quite a bit before it finally takes, and sometimes it struggles to take. After starting, there is usually quite a bit of gray...
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    FS: Misc. Parts from 2002 Jetta TDI - Ft. Meade, MD

    I figured I'd check to make sure nobody wanted anything of these for whatever reason rather than toss them. I'd keep them for potential repurposing but I don't have room to tote them across the country. The car currently has 279,XXX miles and everything has been removed in the last 1,000...
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    Battery draw, then no start (fuel issue?)

    For about a week and a half, I've had something running my battery dead overnight. Battery is about two years old and checked out to be better than rated, along with the starter (about two years old) and the alternator checking out fine. I've been told the amp can eventually start draining, so...
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    Sudden Limp Mode while towing across country

    Me again. So this time I'm towing a loaded 6x12 enclosed trailer from Missoula, MT to Chicago--at least that's what I'm trying to do. Has done really well until near the N. Dakota boarder. It's been in the 90s F and would start creeping over 190F on the hills, but dropped as soon as I got over...
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    NEED Turbo oil feed line in Denali!!!

    I'm up from Montana in Denali National Park and just had the turbo oil feed line spring a leak just above the banjo bolt--it's a fairly new line too!!! I was suppose to leave today--latest tomorrow--so I could get back in time to play Air Force this weekend in Spokane (I'm Air National Guard)...
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    Right Rear ABS Sensor Broke Off

    So I had the right rear ABS sensor break off clean on me when I tried to replace it recently. A search didn't turn much on ABS sensors in general, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Any tips for getting the broken off end out?
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    No start after new injector nozzels!

    Last night I changed out my stock injector nozzles with Bosio Sprint 520 injector nozzles. I also changed the fuel filter and the lines between the filter and pump since they were cracking. I filled the filter full of fuel, primed the feeder line and nothing after a good 15 long cranks. Fuel...
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    Wipers blowing fuse

    I mentioned this in another longwinded post from a debacle, but since I haven't got any answers, I thought I'd isolate it here. I replaced the wiper linkage since it froze up a while back. Now it works, but blows the 20 amp #24 fuse when I switch it to high. It appears to be a little sluggish...
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    Lots of old parts from a MKIV Jetta!

    So I FINALLY finished all the work on my '02 Jetta! Just wondering if anyone wants/needs what came off the ol' girl. Here's a list of what was REPLACED: New turbo and manifold (GONE) New EGR New motor mounts New clutch and flywheel (with new rear seal) New CV joints and axle (GONE) New...
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    '02 Jetta Citrus Cocktail

    OK. So I've posted a few of my individual problems with an '02 Jetta TDI I bought back in October from a jackass used car place in Connecticut – American Motor Group/David Hanrahan (if there’s an INC. it’s short for incompetent) – over the last few months and it's getting out of hand to deal...
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    Knocking sound around flywheel?!? NEED QUICK ADVISE

    When it rains, it pours. So I recently had a timing belt strip going down the interstate on a forced 2,000 mile trip--with an appointment to have a timing belt job done nonetheless. Was stuck in the middle of the night in Kanas City and had to make a fast decision to take it to take it to a...
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    Fuel in Oil?

    I tried doing a search, but didn't come across anything like I'm dealing with. So while responding to a family health emergency over 2,000 miles from me in Montana, my timing belt strips on me in Kansas City--on a Friday night. The kick in the nuts is that I scheduled to have the timing belt...
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    Short Curcuit in Anti-Theft/Interior Lights Grid I had apparently started it in the wrong area and just now finally took the time to start a new post here.
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    What in the sam "hill"?!?

    OK, I've got myself what seems to be another developing problem. On a recent 4,500 mile journey from TN to Missoula, MT and Yellowstone and back, I encountered a problem while crossing the mountains into Butte (from what I remember). It's as if the turbo just stopped working. I lost all...
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    Short Curcuit in Anti-Theft/Interior Lights Grid

    Well my #14 10 amp fuse has blown twice and renders my anti-theft/interior lights/power locks and windows useless. I put the meter on #14 and it's pulling about 10.65 as is, ignition off. I open the hood, it'll go up to about 11.81 and not quite that much when I try to pop the trunk (which as...
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    2001 Jetta EGR

    I replaced my EGR with a new one a few months ago and thought I'd see if anyone might want it. I'm the type to keep anything but I could use the money and no use let it set around collect dust in the shop. I'm guessing it had about 190,000 miles on it since it's a stock part (I'm the 3rd...
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    Heater Problem

    Well two days ago while just starting to leave Chicago on the Dan Ryan to drive back home to Tennessee, I noticed my tempature gauge was reading about 230ish shortly after the 94/57 split (I was averaging about 80mph). It always sits at 190 after warming up (keep in mind I've only owned a Jetta...