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    FS BNIB PD ARL cylinder head

    I received this from the dealer when they supplied me with some incorrect bolts which caused a few threads to be stripped on my head, I got away without using it in the end, and I don't see me needing it in the future so may as well sell it It's for a UK spec 1.9 PD, ARL, ASZ etc The head is...
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    PD lift pump into mk3 fuel tank??

    As title, we've just fitted a mk3 fuel tank into my mk2 golf, I was under the impression the mk4 PD lift pump would fit straight into the mk3 tank without a problem, however it seems that the tank isn't deep enough and the lift pump won't fit! There is a raised ring of plastic inside the tank...
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    Help with turbo identification

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what this turbo is and what its off? It looks kinda small, is it just a 1749va/vb?
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    MK2 8v Gti PD conversion, GTB2260VK/Bosio R783's

    Thought it was about time I started a thread on my mk2, before it gets out of hand and I end up finishing it without doing one. After having my Bora for about 6 years I just fancied a change, had always wanted a mk2 but couldn't afford the insurance when I first passed my test and ended up with...
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    Fuel delivery for my PD conversion

    Ok guys, i've got the running gear issues squared away for now so its fuel supply time. I was going to use a mk3 golf tdi tank fitted with a PD lift pump as I was told the MK4 lift pump would fit straight in the mk3 tank. And the mk3 tank will fit straight into my mk2 shell. Its also been...
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    I need cooler IAT's

    Spec is ASZ engine with GTB2260VK and R783's. The past 2 weeks or so the outside air temps have been in the mid to late 20's(degrees C), I've noticed the car feels a little sluggish and is smoking more than usual, if I take it out late evening when temps have dropped it is fine again so...
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    My post has been moved

    My thread has been moved to the wrong section, could someone move it somewhere more relevant please? I originally posted it in the performance section, which may have not been right but now its in the vendor groupbuy section which is definetly not the right place for it Here is the thread in...
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    Which gearbox should I use and why???

    Hi Guys, I'm putting my Bora back to stock and starting a new project. Putting a mk4 ARL PD lump with my GTB2260VK and R783's into a 1992 mk2 Golf. I got it into my head that the 6 speed would be best, but to be honest i'm not sure why I decided that, probably because the Bora has one...
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    Clutch problems

    SMF and helix clutch problems with GTB2260VK I've just fitted a GTB2260VK to my 130 ASZ, I've got a Helix SMF and clutch kit. Before I even had a map for the 2260(just had a standard ARL 150 file on) I had a bit of a play with a mate in his Golf from a standing start, What I thought was...
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    2.0 16V into a MK4?

    I'm considering putting a 2litre 16valve engine(probably a BMN) into my MK4 Bora which is currently an ASZ 130PD. Main question at the moment is which ECU should I use? The 15 off a MK4 or 16 off the MK5? What benefits or drawbacks am I likely to encounter from either? I know I would have...
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    1756 hybrid turbo

    1756 hybrid turbo SOLD SOLD SOLD This is now SOLD:D :D :D I've come to the point where i'm unsure if I should sell the car and buy something that I can make stupidly fast like a big turbo S3 or get a massive turbo for the Bora. So either way this turbo is going to have to go and I may...
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    Vag com boost log graph

    Hi guys, i'm new to logging with vag com so go easy if non of this makes sense lol. Is it ok that the Actual boost is higher than the specified? My thinking was that if its getting more boost than its...
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    GT1749VA (VNT17) From my 130PD Euro Bora

    GT1749VA (VNT17) From my 130PD Euro Bora *PRICE DROP* Original turbo from my ASZ Bora, Will obviously fit Golfs etc too. Done somewhere between 74-75K, didn't note the exact mileage when I removed it. Only replaced due to upgrading to a hybrid, Still in very good condition and was running...
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    Anyone know this Canadian seller?

    As title, anyone know or had dealings with this seller?
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    Smokey hybrid

    Smokey hybrid (FIXED) Hi Guys, Me and a mate fitted a FMIC and hybrid GT1756 last weekend, to my 130PD(ASZ), Turbo was freshly re-built. Its smoking quite a bit, mostly between 1600-1800rpm, its a blueish smoke, only seems to do it in 1st and 2nd gear at low speeds. Has the occasional puff...
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    PD inlet manifold cleaning

    Hi sorry if this in the wrong section, if it is hopefully one of the mods will move it. I have a UK spec 130PD Bora, can anyone direct me to a how to on cleaning the inlet manifold? I've disabled the egr using Vag Com and want to give the manifold a good clean but I can only find a how to for...
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    I put petrol in my 130PD, Help!

    The tank was empty and I put about £20 of petrol in, don't ask why i don't know, the sun must have got to me. Drove about 1/2 a mile before she died and I had the vision of a green nozzle flash through my mind, I phoned my uncle who came and towed me too his, and Ray (aRd) and my local dealers...
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    288mm brakes

    Hi brakes on ebay from my 02 130pd (ASZ)