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    U.S. Comeback?

    Just like just about every ship and train in use today. Diesel-electric is the most efficient, long range locomotion system we know of right now for vehicles.
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    vacuum actuator on egr cooler bypass valve

    Found the part I was just recently replacing a cracked lower EGR pipe and noticed that both of the actuators for the EGR system were broken, one has just the connector end sheared off, the other the entire arm is gone. Other than what appears to be date codes the two parts are identical as far...
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    Breaking EGR cooler pipes? Check this!

    Lower broken Just found out the exhaust leak I've been trying to locate is the lower EGR pipe cracked clean in two. My bracket is in place. About 3 years ago I replaced by blown stock turbo with an aftermarket VNT 17/22 and recall that lower pipe was difficult to get bolted in to place so I...
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    Where's the definitive thread for PD/BEW EGR delete?

    I just stumbled across a kit as I found my lower pipe broken.
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    Is this "runaway"?

    Thanks. I'd "meant" to go put "or surge" in the title as well as runaway seemed least likely. I don't know the mechanics of the ASV other than I've read that it is normally open other than just after the key is turned to "off". It seems the mechanism set up so the ASV stays open to me so I was...
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    DIY: How to fix air blend door MK4 TDI no cabin heat problem

    If anything like the MkIII Cabrio I did this on a day or two. The wires... oh the wires.
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    Oil Pan Broken, Engine Totally Shot. What Should I Do?! :eek:

    I just pierced one and the oil drained out over the next few minutes in a beautifully sickening black line down the road for about 2 miles. At the end of the event my engine died and would not turn over. I finally noticed the line of oil and used some JB weld type material (steel epoxy) to...
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    Is this "runaway"?

    After a pierced oil pan an a blown stock turbo I've completed the job of getting my car road-worthy. It's an '04 Golf TDI PD 1.9 (BEW) with 5 speed tiptronic (09A). While road testing the car and during a shakedown trip of ~115 miles I'm getting a new issue: Seemingly randomly the car will act...
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    If you could store 1.5 gallons of hot engine coolant would it help MPG's....

    I was browsing the thread and didn't read all the posts but here's my thoughts on some of the stuff I've read: 1. The engine warm-up cycle is pretty short. Even in winter my TFI only takes a few minutes to get to normal temperature and the thermostat opens. 2. Let's say it takes 5 minutes to...
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    Replace the lift pump as preventative maintenance?

    I've got an '04 and had two lift pumps fail on me. The car will run almost normally in my experience (stock) with the lift pump out of commission. The first time mine failed (the factory unit) I knew something was up but it was about 2-3 months before it was replaced by a shop, I didn't even...
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    EGR bypass flap solenoid replacement

    JB weld or similar was my thought. I'm guessing that if all else fails I can simply rig the butterfly valve to the closed position so that the exhaust gas is always routed through the EGR cooler and dumping heat in to the engine coolant. At least until I can get a good fix or replacement part...
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    EGR bypass flap solenoid replacement

    Hi world, I'm in the middle of replacing the turbo in my '04 TDI PD due to an oil pan puncture. The 30 seconds it took me to get off the road was too long for the K39 to wait. I've decided to go with the VNT-17/22, replacing from the top and I'll post all about that once I've completed it...
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    Show what you tow!

    Grass. About 1,200 to 1,300 pounds of it. The horses are wondering why I'm not putting this load away yet. :) That's my completely stock 2004 TDI, auto 2WD.