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    Buyer/seller feedback thread

    I've reported scam attempts from @Genbee21 and @scobbydoo. Both were direct messages in response to a WTB post of mine.
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    Same, I've gotten a number of scammy direct messages in response to a WTB ad I have posted. Always the same type of thing as @ecala001 said, like this one today from user Genbee21 (new user registered today): "You can check Rachel, she has it for sale in good condition. Here's her contact...
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    WTB: mk7 GTI front seats, 4 door

    Looking for mk7 4 door GTI front seats in nice condition to do a heated seat retrofit and gain their better bolstering. Could be cloth or leather. Hoping for power tilt and manual everything else. Located in western Oregon.
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    FS Rear Koni Yellow/Sports MK7

    From your sig, looks like you replaced these with Koni special actives. Did you think they were too stiff/harsh?
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    For the list manager(s): in Oregon, Esquire Motors appears to be permanently closed.
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    p0544 Sensor 1 for exhaust temp bank 1 (G235)

    Andrew, many thanks for the how-to. Replaced the sensor yesterday, most of the time was spent figuring out the best angle of attack. I ended up using a pull string to follow the old sensor out, then to route the new sensor wire with the sensor itself going in from the top by hand. More than one...