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    Engine Technology International magazine September 2016 - lots of Diesel coverage

    This is really quite ironic considering that GM almost destroyed the diesel market back in the '80's and Lutz was so against diesels. The new Chevy Cruze diesel is quite impressive. They are also marketing a smallish pickup truck with a 4 cylinder diesel and are now planning an SUV with diesel...
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    Moog Cargo Control Springs, or Does your rear hang low...

    Ok, so reporting back on the Moog control springs. They do work and fit and I have had them in a little while. Ride seems fine. I do notice them dropping more than I thought due to a load but not as bad as the stock springs were. I still don't have a trailer hitch on mine so not sure what...
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    Ahu pd130?

    You will need to use a race pipe adapter to fit the intercooler hose to to the manifold.
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    Parking brake guide tubes?

    Probably need to go to a pull a part yard or look for a part out. Check VWVortex as well as there are a lot of part outs on their website and this part is not TDI specific.
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    Automatic Transmission fear

    Give one of these guys listed in the post above a call at the very least. Then RUN to get your car from where it is now and get it to one of them. They will WAY more knowledgeable than mr. transmission and will help you get it on the road again quickly and much less painfully.
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    New Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon To Get 4-Cylinder Diesel

    Funny how anti-diesel GM is introducing diesels again into their lineup. First the Cruze and now this. Ford needs to get in on the act and give us the Focus diesel and the new Ranger diesel.
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    IP Failing, electrical issue, what?

    Do you have a working copy of vcds? Are there any codes being thrown? As far as the pump goes, the QA on the top is the likely suspect for any electrical gremlins. This piece can be swapped out with a known good one but you will have to make sure your IQ is adjusted correctly. I also know...
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    Instruments Dead After Injection Pump Rebuild

    In my 1997 Jetta TDI, my fuel gauge and temperature gauge don't work in my cluster but everything else does. Does anyone know if they are connected, the fuel and temperature gauges? My low coolant light also flashes after about a minute but the coolant level is fine. I have not replaced the...
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    FS 98 Jetta AHU Partout A3

    Do you have the injector lines (hard lines from pump) and injectors? And the instrument cluster?
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    FS - Part out - 96 Passat TDI Saginaw MI

    Do you have the cluster?
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    suspension and steering issues

    The rumbling sounds like a wheel bearing. Numerous places sell a kit for this. You can do it yourself if you have a way to remove the hub or take off the knuckle and take it in to a shop to press out the old bearing and put in the new one. If you need a new hub, MJM Autohaus still sells them...
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    120A Voltage Regulator

    Do you have the HUCO part # that you got?
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    AHU Tensioner Pulley Fix

    How exactly does the threaded sleeve come out?
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    ALH Oil filter housing on 1Z

    G60ING, if you were just going to do a single filter setup, just a remote location, what filter mount would you go with? Also, could you post the fittings you used? That setup looks almost factory and is actually better than factory due to additional filtering.
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    ALH Oil filter housing on 1Z

    What size adapter do you buy?
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    Possible new solution for no HEAT(missing foam)....

    I looked at my A3 Jetta the other day and it is definitely different than the Passat. I did not see a way to make this way work on it but if someone else could either confirm this or find a way to make this work on an A3, it would be very helpful. A while ago someone had said that they were...
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    Strut mount gap?

    There will be some gap with either one but I am interested to see if the HD mounts hold up better. I redid my front suspension not too long ago but the front mounts I used seem to have compressed a good deal. I was going to get the HD mounts to try them and see if they held up better.
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    Strut mount gap?

    Do the heavy duty strut mounts help with the compression issue? Has anybody used them to find out?
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    Swapped B3 steering wheel and glove box into B4

    I will say that my seatbelts in my 1997 A3 seem to have pretensioners. I have triggered it before sometimes just by moving forward too suddenly. I have also crash tested my airbags before, unfortunately, and they HURT! Like being punched in the face. Also got burned on the arm by the...
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    Wheels and rear seat

    Same here. I live in GA so driving or flying to CA for a free seat defeats the purpose.