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    Houston to St. Louis

    I'm about to embark on my longest road trip yet. Making my way to St. Louis by way of Little Rock and Memphis. I have a few stops to make in Memphis but I'm not sure what to do in Little Rock. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    i found 2.65 at a Valero in South Houston! just went more than 600 miles on a tank for the first time too!
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    only 35 mpg? whats wrong?

    yea Herbert. we had snow in december and later this week it'll be below 30. haha but next week it might be in the 50s and 60s. the only time texas gets steady weather is in the 9 months of summer. hopefully the MPGs go up around then. ill definitely check the intake though. thanks for the...
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    only 35 mpg? whats wrong?

    i feel your pain herbert. my 2010 gets no more than 30 mpg when driving around town (no highways or large straightaways). im pretty worried. it could be the cold weather, low quality fuel, bad initial timing job, or a combination of all three. i haven't tried any fuel additives or anything...
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    09 & 10 TDI Owners - Do you use an additive?

    i guess you're right. i'm already 1150 miles deep and have been nervous about additives in general. i assume that if additives work the way i think they do, they help ease the break in period altogether. is that right?
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    09 & 10 TDI Owners - Do you use an additive?

    I live in South East Texas where we rarely see temps below freezing. what could i benefit from a fuel additive besides a cetane boost? I'm new to the diesel game so I am really concerned about my break in period.
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    I was filling up just outside of Austin on my way back to Houston. There were a few jacked up trucks gassing up the boat and jet skis they were pulling. After maneuvering around their TERRIBLE parking jobs to get to the diesel pump, I see them snickering and trying hard not to be obvious about...
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    Why did you buy a TDI?

    I was going to buy a Honda Fit until I test drove one. Even with a Manual transmition, it doesn't get as good of MPG. The A/C cuts out when idling at a stoplight (due to an underpowered engine) and in Houston during our 10 month summers, that is a HUGE problem. There is really no room for...
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    Houston TDI owners

    I'm in friendswood with a 2010 Sportwagen TDI.
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    Road trip distance?

    WINNER! But I take the scenic route now that i got a TDI. I'm about to embark on the first trip in my 2010 Sportwagen. since its just a 2 hour drive I'll call it "stretching her legs". just enough room between me and there to let this stallion GALLOP!!