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    When does Warranty Really Really End? Not when you Think!

    Well, technically they are right. 4 years would be up, completed, over, on Nov.28. Like 2021 started on Jan.1 and was over on Dec. 31, not on Jan.1.
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    Don't do phase 2?

    Yesterday I called Boise Volkswagen about getting Phase 2 done on my 2015 Jetta TDI (68,850 mi.). The service writer discouraged me by saying most owners are not doing it, that it makes the car run bad. She said I would "have to sign a release " before they would do it. She said the 162,000...
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    'new' 2015 TDI Golfs popping up for sale

    NOT a "dirty diesel"! Quit drinking the 'Kool-Aid'. I have never seen black smoke nor smelled exhaust on my TDI!
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    DPF FILTER out of stock...anyidea on an ETA?

    Thank you Jesse! That is good information. I hope everybody reads it!
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    Coolant smell

    Had the coolant smell early on in my '15 and slight coolant loss. Took it to the dealer (Boise Volkswagen) and was told "They always burn off a little."?! So much for dealer wisdom!!
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    DPF plugged

    I say skip the mouse milk/snake oil. Save your money. Just run it hard on a regular basis or if that doesn't work,fix it right!
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    Do I need a new battery? Or was this to be expected?

    Don't trust these new electronic battery load testers! They re a joke! They only put a 90 amp or so load on the battery, then do a pre-programmed mumbo-jumbo routine to calculate battery condition with mainly false positive results. A good old carbon pile tester (like a Snap-On VAT 40) on...
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    2013 Passat AdBlue explosion in my trunk

    This system is warrantied for 11 years of 100,000 miles if that helps.
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    DSG vs. 6 Speed

    Watch out for the combination of turbo lag plus DSG lag! Trying to merge into traffic from a stop sign will scare you silly until you learn to wait (and wait!) for a safe opening! Trying to accelerate from idle is a waiting game with the DSG! A manual is much better!
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    buyback or fix?

    I also say do not get the fix. You ARE driving a clean Diesel, as is! You will never see it blow black smoke, you will not smell Diesel exhaust fumes, nor see soot on the bumper. All this 'Dieselgate' nonsense was political mumbo-jumbo when somebody saw an opportunity to look like they were...
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    Towing with DSG/

    Actually, there is 'clutch modulation' on every shift. There are two clutches, one for the inner shaft, and one for the outer shaft. The clutches alternate application for each gear. So in 1st, one clutch applies, and the trans preselects 2nd gear on the other shaft. When the trans shifts to...
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    Trading in your VW TDI? What will be your next car

    Yep, traded in my 2011 TDI Jetta last year. New car? A 2015 Jetta TDI! With the buyback, the "goodwill" money, and the Bosch money, I just had to pay the sales tax! And, best part, I still get to drive a TDI! Best engine made for my driving! I just ignore all the political posturing and...
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    Anyone else happy with dieselgate?

    All this political nonsense worked out quite well for me. I was waiting for a fix to come out for my 2011 TDI Jetta when I heard that a fix was approved for the 2015's. I went to the local dealer and found a 2015 black Jetta TDI almost identical to my 2011. Since my wife wanted to keep black...
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    TDI coolant temp?

    What is the proper operating temperature (thermostat rating) for a 2015 Jetta TDI engine? Thanks!
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    Dieselgate Long Block Warranty

    "........any manufacturer short comings." Big question here: Would an oil loss failure due to a dealer tech's mistake be considered a "manufacturer short coming"?
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    Ford's turn in the dieselgate spotlight

    Can you elaborate on the ring washout problem and how to deal with it? Thanks!
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    Power seats?

    The only drawback to our 2015 Jetta TDI is the manual seat adjusting-pumping a lever to raise and lower. Is there any way to convert to a power seat? Will the power seat frame from a Passat or CC bolt in? Thanks.
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    VW's Oliver Schmidt Gets 7 Years in Prison for Dieselgate Role

    I think this whole "scandal" is nothing but a witch hunt! Much ado about very little! Out here in the real world a VW Diesel IS still a clean Diesel!! Most other car companies with Diesel powered vehicles have done the exact same thing as VW did, in an effort to deal with stupidly strict...
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    "New" 2015 TDI Plan

    Just a side note on the "integrated exhaust manifold". My 1940 Ford with flathead V8 has much the same thing. The exhaust passages from the valves go through the water jacket to the other side of the block before exiting. By the way, I also thoroughly enjoy my 2015 TDI!
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    New 2015 TDI Jetta!

    From the title,at first I thought that you had found an unsold "new" 2015, which I thought were long gone. But I see it is used. These TDI's are great cars, in spite of all the political mumbo-jumbo "Dieselgate" nonsense! The combination of both great fuel mileage and plenty of power is hard...