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    2011 Jetta TDI Calipers

    Hi there. I own a 2011 VW Jetta TDI sedan, and I need to replace the rear right (passenger) caliper. (USA model) Is there a way to know with the VIN if my Jetta came with 272mm or 253 mm rotors? 3VWLL7AJXBM131373 Update. Seems like it needs the 272mm. It's the same for any TDI sold in the US...
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    Left the car with the lights on, now car doesn't start

    I took the battery to charge. Unfortunately seems like it was something serious as I was forced to get a mobile locksmith to reprogram my keys. Is this common?
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    Left the car with the lights on, now car doesn't start

    Hi there. I called roadside assistance to open my vehicle and to start it. A jumpstart was unable to start it as I got a message saying switch, and then I got a message saying no key. I tried inserting the key on the door, pressing unlock and trying to unlock the door which didn't work. Now the...
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    Timing Belt Kit options

    Hi there. I will soon take my 2011 Jetta TDI for a timing belt replacement kit. I am looking at two kits in One is from Continental and one from Gates. Do you recommend one brand over the other? Or is there another kit that you recommend? GATES TCKWP342M PowerGrip Info W/Metal...
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    Regen issues. App to check it

    Hi there. I have a small commute between my home and the office. Twice in the last 6 months I've had issues with the DPF needed to be "Regenerated" (according to the dealer). I read somewhere that the car can do it's own passive regen if you drive it at 35 mph???? Is there any app I can use to...
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    2 Catalytic converters?

    Hi there. Some months ago I had my dpf catalytic replaced under warranty. Last week I had my Knox Catalytic converter replaced under warranty? Does the tdi have 2 cat converters?
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    Any TDI mechanics around Detroit?

    Hello guys, I recently relocated to Warren, MI. I love my red Jetta, but I do not feel like going to the stealership, specially now that I just hit 103K miles. Any TDI knowledgeable mechanic around Detroit? Thx
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    new beetle owner

    Hey guys. I recently bought a beetle at an auto auction. I ordered they keys but I need to tow the car to the dealership for them to program the keys.. The car doesn't start. Besides that.. are the any additives that I need to use with the car? The car has been parked for 3 years. Thanks
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    i just bought a new beetle tdi

    I was checking the Bentley manuals, but it does not cover the new beetle.. Should I use a diffferent antifreezing than those used on gasoline engines?
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    i just bought a new beetle tdi

    What do I need to know about these cars? The engine oil is different.. What else? Are there cars reliable?